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Table Saws, Blades, and Accessories

A Blade for All Reasons

Tablesaw blades come in a wide variety of styles and designs, but they generally fall into one of three categories: rip, crosscut, or general-purpose. Here are some tips on saw blades by Jim Heavey.

Use this technique to achieve perfect-width dadoes in only two test cuts. Guaranteed.

Even an old beater can perform like a high-performance machine if you trick it out properly.

Why spend your hard-earned cash on a miter gauge when one comes free with every tablesaw? Because today's aftermarket crosscut accessories add increased reliability and accuracy -- in some cases, down to 1/10°.

We put 28 of the leading 10" models through rigorous trials in search of the perfect "do-everything" blade. The good news: We found several that qualify.

These machines combine some of the beefy qualities of 3-hp cabinet saws with the lighter weight and 110-volt convenience of contractor-style saws. You'll find out whether one belongs in your shop, and if so, which model to buy.

These mighty mites cut as clean as 8" sets -- and can save you a few bucks.

With riving knives now required to earn approval by Underwriters Laboratories, manufacturers took the opportunity to freshen up their saws. We tested 9 of them.

Muff-style hearing protectors reduce the sound reaching your ears, effectively preventing hearing damage.

Those helping hands come from stock hold-ins and hold-downs, which secure workpieces on tablesaws, router tables, and other machines.

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