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Wise Buys: Hold-ins/Hold-downs

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Rousseau 3301DL

Rousseau 3301DL

Editor test-drive:
Although it will not work on a tablesaw, this proved to be a very nice unit and worth the price tag for its advantages on a router table. The spring-loaded rollers have a 5° cant to pull workpieces toward the fence while also holding them flat to the table. This was especially beneficial when I used a large panel-raising bit on white oak door panels. Little or no hand pressure was needed to hold the workpiece against the cutter, making for incredibly smooth profiles.

I machined 3/4"-wide poplar to form base shoe for my house trim. The curved UHMW hold-down and bit-guard fixture proved adequate for this, so you really don't need the rollers until you are using larger workpieces and larger bits. Loosen a setscrew, and they slide off the attachment rod.

I mounted the fence to my table with the easy-to-follow directions (you have to bore two 3/8" holes for this), but I did make one change: Instead of just tightening the carriage bolts so their heads seated into the substrate, I used threaded inserts to attach the bolts from underneath. Without them, the bolts could slip from their seated position when loosening the fence, allowing them to spin.

This fence offers other great extras besides the holding attachments: a molded port for a vacuum hose, a protective bit cover, and fence panels with side-to-side adjustments.
-- Tested by Kevin Boyle, Senior Design Editor

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