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Hardware for Hanging Projects on Walls

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Nail-on picture hanger

Nail-on picture hanger

  • This style, shown below in Photo 3, comes in several load capacities. And while it does make a hole in the wall, it is a small one, easily patched if you take the item down later. To install this hanger, place the bottom of the hook over your mark, and then hold the back of the hanger flat against the wall as you drive in the nail.
  • Push-in picture hanger. This style, shown in Photo 4, installs without using tools. Follow the package instructions, starting with the point slightly above your mark. The one shown holds up to 20 pounds in either drywall or paneling. It's easily removed, leaving a small hole in the wall.
  • For heavier items, attach a utility hanger to the wall with one of these commonly available anchors. Install the anchor far enough above your mark that the bottom of the hanger's hook will be on the mark.
  • Hollow-wall anchor. The standard hollow-wall anchor, shown in Photo 5, installs easily into a hole drilled through the wallboard. The pointed drive-in type, shown in Photo 6, installs even more easily, because you don't have to drill a hole first. Both hold firmly, but can be difficult to remove from the wall later.
  • Plastic toggle. Instead of metal, you can use a plastic anchor like the one shown in Photo 7. This one also inserts into a hole drilled through the wallboard. Driving a screw into it draws the wings up against the back of the wallboard. It works best with a sheet-metal screw rather than a wood screw.
  • Self-drilling anchor. A third type of anchor looks like a deeply threaded plastic screw. (You'll sometimes find this style, shown in Photo 8, made of die-cast metal instead of plastic.) Using a Phillips screwdriver or power-driver bit, you just run the anchor right into the wallboard without pre-drilling. Then, drive a sheet-metal screw into the anchor.

To use any of the anchors with a routed keyhole slot, first install the anchor on your mark. Back the screw out of it, leaving a gap between the wall surface and the screw head to accommodate the project slot. For through-project mounting screws, center the anchor on the mark. Hang the project by driving the screw through the hole into the insert.


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handyman4chicag wrote:

A toggle that installs with a phillips is useful for installing a towel bar

5/4/2012 10:10:32 AM Report Abuse

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