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Routers, Bits, and Accessories Tool Reviews

Thwart router-bit tear-out

A few simple tips prevent ragged runs on routed edges.

We tested more than 50 router-table accessories - here's the best of the bunch.

Changing bits and bit heights from above the table has never been easier.

Why buy? Apparently, someone was listening when a woodworker said, "I wish I had an extra set of hands."

For many of your day-in, day-out routing chores, a little fistful of fury is all you need.

We tested 12 combo packs in search of the best--and it didn't take long to knock a few out of the running.

Why buy? With one of these accessories, you'll end the annoying under-the-table fumbling for your router's power switch.

To make routing rail-and-stile joints easier and safer, a coping sled holds the frame rails securely and squarely as you rout the profile across the end grain using your router table or shaper.

Through dovetails make a strong and beautiful joint, but who has the time to cut them by hand? We tested 10 router-assisted jigs and found winners in three price ranges.

Muff-style hearing protectors reduce the sound reaching your ears, effectively preventing hearing damage.

Our editors choose four accessories that will dramatically improve your table's performance.

Why buy? In the shop, a portable workbench can serve as a temporary worksurface, tool stand, or as a large clamp holding your workpiece.

Can a single machine handle every router chore in your shop? We test 9 of 'em to find out.

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