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Wise Buys: Muff-Style Hearing Protectors

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Peltor Alert #M2RX7A

Peltor Alert #M2RX7A

NRR 25 dB

Editor test-drive:
The comfortable Peltor Alert muffs "replace" my hearing so well I never take them off in my shop. They protect my ears against loud noises but allow me to still hear what I need to, such as feedback from tools. Here's how they work: External microphones on each cup pick up sounds from around the shop, and then reduce the high-decibel sounds or amplify softer sounds--keeping every sound at a safe level. So I can hear the swoosh of a block plane as easily as the muted whine of a router. The self-leveling circuitry responds quickly, reducing the POP! of a brad nailer to the point where I only hear a fraction of that usually loud impulse noise. This unit also has a built-in AM/FM radio with a separate volume control.
- Tested by Dave Campbell, Deputy Editor

To learn more: 800-665-2942;

Continued on page 4:  Noisebuster #PA4000



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