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Miter Saws

How to buy a mitersaw

Get one that fits your needs as precisely as the cuts you'll make with it.

With all the choices in mitersaws these days (sliders and non-sliders alike), a 10" sliding compound mitersaw provides the best combination of accuracy, cut capacity, power, price, and portability.

If cleaning your saw blades and router bits sits near the bottom of your "to-do" list, you may be shortening the life of your carbide cutters. We tested eight products and several home remedies to see which work fastest and safest.

If you're looking for a mitersaw for your workshop, make it a compound mitersaw and make it a big one. We'll help you decide which one to buy.

Are these circ-saws-on-steroids worth their plump price tags? We test 5 models to find out.

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