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Jointers & Planers

Setting Jointer Knives

Like cleaning your home's gutters or giving the dog a bath, changing jointer knives can be a chore you keep putting off (maybe even hoping someone else will do it). But these knives need periodic resharpening to ensure clean cuts and prevent strain on your jointer's motor. Here's how to make the job quick and easy.

Here's the skinny on thickness planers: They'll all dimension wood accurately, but the best machines leave less cleanup work for you to do afterward.

Big and powerful, an 8" jointer may be just the ticket for your shop. Our cutterhead-to-cutterhead test of eight beefy machines compares the performance of straight knives and spiral-style cutters.

10 models priced from $400 to $600 square off to prove which one delivers the flat-out best combination of price and performance.

Combination machines aren't just for the pros anymore. With two Asian-made models selling for half the price of European makes, even a hobby woodworker can joint and plane wide stock with one space-saving unit.

Muff-style hearing protectors reduce the sound reaching your ears, effectively preventing hearing damage.

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