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Dust Collectors

How to buy a dust collector

A dust collector has two simple jobs: pulling debris from your machines and filtering out tiny, unhealthy dust particles.

As your workshop grows, so do your dust-collection needs. Make today's system handle tomorrow's tools.

A radio-frequency remote controller comes in handy, enabling you to switch a dust collector on and off from anywhere in the shop. Here are four great remote options, all costing $60 or less.

Why buy? Good dust management begins at the tool, which is why we like a tool-triggered vacuum that turns on and off automatically with the tool plugged into it.

These shop-tested dust-collection accessories help keep your shop--and lungs--clean.

Learn our testing methods in this free video.

With a few basic calculations you'll learn what flow capacity you need, what size ductwork that calls for, and how much static pressure loss your dust collector must overcome to work effectively.

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