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Tool review: Floor-standing Drill Presses

Three more that matter
Continuous vari-speed
Enlarge Image
SUPER EASY: To change Powermatic's
speed, twist the knob to
unlock and, with the motor
running, slide the lever forward
or backward.
Delta hood hinge
Enlarge Image
EASY: Although most hoods are
hinged on one side, Delta's
lifts up and back to give
you access from either side for changing the belts.
Short motor lever
Enlarge Image
NOT AS EASY: A short lever makes
it tougher to get adequate belt
tension, sometimes creating belt
slippage during drilling.

Three more that matter


As a rule of thumb, the larger the bit diameter, the slower the speed, so you'll need to change spindle speeds frequently, perhaps as often as you change bits. Only one tested model makes this a snap with its variable-speed selector, shown top right. With the rest of the machines you must reposition two belts on three pulleys. None proved overly difficult, but short motor-mount handles make it tougher to get the right amount of tension.

Continued on page 4:  4. WOODWORKER-FRIENDLY TABLES.



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