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Drills, Drivers, and Drill Presses

Drill spot-on holes

Drill bits seem to have minds of their own when they skitter away from your mark despite your best efforts at alignment. With these techniques, though, you'll soon drill holes exactly where they belong.

Delivering greater torque than comparable cordless drills, these compact tools drive fasteners like nobody's business.

With nearly as much capacity and power as floor-standing units, these brutes get the job done -- for half the price.

These compact but capable tools pack surprising punch, making them the go-to drivers in our shop.

In search of good aftermarket table alternatives, we tested six models and found that most left us scrambling to make up for their shortcomings.

We test 8 workhorse models and give you the lowdown on which to buy.

A workshop needs several types of drill bits: Standard twist, brad-point, and Forstner bits.

Why buy? Sometimes a high-voltage cordless drill is just plain overkill for a small job -- driving screws to install cabinet hardware, for example.

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