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Drills, Drivers, and Drill Presses

Tool Feature: Cordless Impact Drivers

Delivering greater torque than comparable cordless drills, these compact tools drive fasteners like nobody's business.

With nearly as much capacity and power as floor-standing units, these brutes get the job done -- for half the price.

These compact but capable tools pack surprising punch, making them the go-to drivers in our shop.

In search of good aftermarket table alternatives, we tested six models and found that most left us scrambling to make up for their shortcomings.

We test 8 workhorse models and give you the lowdown on which to buy.

A workshop needs several types of drill bits: Standard twist, brad-point, and Forstner bits.

Why buy? Sometimes a high-voltage cordless drill is just plain overkill for a small job -- driving screws to install cabinet hardware, for example.

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