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Spiral Bits

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Spiral Bits

Spiral Bits

They look a little like the striped pole in front of a high-tech barber shop, but spiral bits do more than take a little off the top. Use them wherever you'd use a straight bit -- and get cleaner cuts.

Spiral-fluted router bits leave the edges of your cuts virtually fray-free because, as they turn, the two corkscrew-shaped cutting edges stay in contact with your workpiece longer than the vertical cutting edges of a straight bit. This results in a shearing action instead of the rapid chop-chop-chop-chop of the traditional double-fluted straight bit.

Unlike most router bits that have a carbide cutter brazed to a steel bit body, spiral bits are solid carbide. Carbide, however, is harder than steel, but also more brittle, so you must work with more care than with non-carbide bits. Don't force the work, and avoid sudden plunges or starts.

Let's take a look at the three kinds of spiral bits, and how to choose the right bit for the task at hand.

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Comments (4)
Grumpi wrote:

In the picture of the melamine being jointed with a compression bit, it looks like the work piece is between the router fence and the bit. Is this a safe practice with a compression bit?

7/25/2015 01:56:19 PM Report Abuse
williams7631 wrote:

just old school metal working bits,I've known about 'em since '72.As a practicing wood/metal patternmaker , that's nothing new.Crossing disciplines is key to getting the job done.For what it's worth,you'll do well to study how it was done before things got so backwards.You will be entertained to see truly nothing new ,just some bone-head rehashing ,with pretty coat of paint...

4/22/2010 08:52:38 PM Report Abuse
ronhont wrote:

This is good information, but I have to ask, WHERE CAN I GET UP, DOWN AND COMPRESSION BITS SHARPENED? Can they be?

4/22/2010 05:40:47 PM Report Abuse
kultsy wrote:

Never knew about compression bit. Thanks for info. WW

4/22/2010 12:31:14 PM Report Abuse

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