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Blades, Bits, and Supplies

Saw Blade Retest Results (PDF download)

Results from the retest of 28 general-purpose 10" tablesaw blades originally published in the December/January issue of WOOD.

Door-making router bit

CMT, a global manufacturer of woodworking cutting tools, introduces a new router bit set designed specifically to build doors and cabinets.

Want to make money with your woodworking? Try these time-tested strategies used by the pros.

In the December/January issue of WOOD we published a review of 28 general-purpose 10" tablesaw blades.

Sheet goods often present a real challenge when it comes to cutting them down into project-sized pieces.

We cut a quarter mile of dadoes and grooves to find the best of the best of 15 sets.

Forrest Manufacturing, a leading maker of tablesaw blades for woodworking, introduces its new two-piece finger joint set, designed specifically for cutting finger joints (also known as box joints), rabbets, and perfectly flat-bottom grooves without scoring or chipping.

Welcome to the National Hardware Show in Chicago, the largest event in the Western Hemisphere for the hardware, home improvement, DIY, lawn & garden, and building supplies industries.

They add a new dimension to this bit.

Assembling cabinets, furniture, toys, and other woodworking projects means getting to know a variety of fasteners, from standard wood screws to brads and several types of adhesives. On these pages, you'll get acquainted with them all.

Wixey recently introduced the WR2000 Digital Height Gauge, which allows you to dial in tablesaw-blade and router-bit heights to within 0.001 of an inch.

After a couple of hours in a steam box, even hardwoods bend at your will. For complete details, check out the accompanying article in the March 2007 issue of WOOD magazine.

The SawStop blade brake could some day be considered the "tablesaw airbag," and the comparison is valid.

They look a little like the striped pole in front of a high-tech barber shop, but spiral bits do more than take a little off the top. Use them wherever you'd use a straight bit -- and get cleaner cuts.

Rather than invest in a new machine, try an aftermarket spiral cutterhead from Sunhill Machinery.

Choose a model that suits your needs and budget.

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