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10 tune-up tips for perfect planing

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Few benchtop planers will continue to deliver the kind of results you want—and expect—without maintenance. Getting and keeping your planer in top condition is the key that unlocks the door to peak planer performance. Although you might occasionally run across circumstances that require professional repair, such as a cutterhead out of alignment with the feed rollers, you can successfully perform the following maintenance to keep your machine in top shape. Just be sure to read your planer's manual for procedures specific to that make and model. And always unplug your planer before working on it.

Here are some basic ideas to remember: The cutterhead cuts parallel to your planer's table as boards are fed across it, so keep it flat, clean, and smooth. Keep your planer and its parts that contact the wood clean and free of chips, dust, sappy residue, and lubricants. A little TLC will help your planer be a reliable workhorse in your shop for many years.

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bethanysp wrote:

What issue was this artil What issue was this shop tip in?

1/7/2015 11:05:02 AM Report Abuse
Danwoodman wrote:

The best tip for perfect planing, especially on the model planer shown here is to replace the factory blades which are pretty much worthless. They dull very easily, especially if you hit any knots. You are much better off upgrading to a carbide blade which you can now get from several sources.

3/4/2012 08:15:56 PM Report Abuse
thomasrays wrote:

get primo pdf maker- free. print ist tip but select primo on the print dialog instead of your normal printer. select create pdf, the type in where you want the file saved. print next tip same way but use same file name-dialog box will ask for file overwrite or append. select append and then repeat for each tip. woorks great and is free.

3/2/2012 06:44:09 PM Report Abuse
plusaf wrote:

Again, I suggest Ashampoo's Snap 5... you can select any part of the page and print it or save a jpg copy with a few mouse clicks. Not free, but well worth the few bucks!

3/1/2012 10:03:04 PM Report Abuse
jjmcbus07 wrote:

If you are good at Cut and Paste, you can select the text, copy it, and paste it in a Word document. You can put all the tips in one Word document. If you save the picture, you can also paste it into the Word document. It's a pain, but maybe Wood Magazine will figure out a way to allow us to print the whole article with pictures, one day.

3/1/2012 08:49:49 PM Report Abuse
diamondgdesigns wrote:

Previously we were able to print the entire article for later reference. Now we can only print each small page. It would be nice if you would make it as it was. Thanks.

3/1/2012 06:36:57 PM Report Abuse
rbryan14gk1 wrote:

How do you get this to print? All I'm able to get is an ad for wood mag.

3/1/2012 04:18:03 PM Report Abuse

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