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TLC for Power Tools

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Don't Hesitate, Lubricate

Don't Hesitate, Lubricate

General Procedures
  • Noisy gears or oil leaks behind the spindle indicate that the grease has broken down. Open the tool housing, and put a modest amount of medium-weight grease on the gears. Or, you might choose to take it to a tool repair shop.
  • Gearbox oil reservoirs require frequent checks. Top them off with 90-weight oil. You'll find these on such tools as stationary planers and worm-drive saws.
  • Sealed bearings on most newer power tools require no lubrication. However, some less-expensive tools have an oil hole that opens onto a sponge, which feeds oil to a brass or bronze bushing. Apply only a few drops of light oil in that case.

Tool-Specific Steps
  • Tablesaw: Apply white lithium grease or powdered graphite on worm gears, bevel gears, and trunnions.
  • Belt sander: Spray white lithium grease on the needle bearings mounted on a shaft in the idler roller.
  • Planer: Some bigger and older machines have drive chains. Remove the side cover, and oil the chain. Spray Teflon lubricant or graphite onto the jackscrews that raise and lower the table or cutterhead. If your model has oil cups on top of the table, apply a few drops of oil in those. Check the rollers for build-up. Clean metal rollers with solvent and a fine wire brush, and clean rubber rollers with a hand scraper.
  • Drill press: Apply a Teflon lubricant or graphite to the height-adjustment rack.

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larrycclick wrote:

Yes that is a good idea. I charge the battery and then remove from the charger and leave separated so I have a fresh battery to start the next project

2/18/2016 11:09:26 AM Report Abuse
Putz1201 wrote:

Question: When cordless tools are not being used, should the battery be removed so as to prevent the battery draining?

6/29/2010 05:14:17 PM Report Abuse

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