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TLC for Power Tools

Clean, lubricate, and adjust them regularly. You'll get years of faithful service in return.

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Keep the Juice Flowing

Keep the Juice Flowing

Just like a car, your woodworking equipment will work better and last longer with regular maintenance. How often do you need to stop building projects and start cleaning your machinery? That depends on how much you use a given tool.

If you're a hobbyist who works in the shop now and then, set aside one Saturday every year for checking and cleaning tools. If you're running a tablesaw all day, every day, you should clean it every couple of weeks.

Here, we've laid out the essential maintenance steps for some common workshop equipment.

  • Cords. Check for frayed spots; check plugs for burned prongs. If you find any flaws, replace the cord and plug.
  • Brushes. These actually are solid blocks of carbon. Some are accessible beneath two screw-on covers on the motor housing; others require removal of the housing. Replace the brushes if you find rainbow colors on a spring, a collapsed spring-like the one being held above, or a broken copper lead inside a spring. Also replace any brush that's worn down near or past the limit mark on its side or shows signs of burning or chipping.
  • Arcing. Peer through the vent slots while the motor is running. You should see small sparks at each brush. But if sparks trail around the motor, have the tool checked at a repair shop.
  • Grounding. Touch a continuity tester from the grounding prong on the plug to any metal on the tool. A reading shows that the tool is safely grounded.

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Comments (2)
larrycclick wrote:

Yes that is a good idea. I charge the battery and then remove from the charger and leave separated so I have a fresh battery to start the next project

2/18/2016 11:09:26 AM Report Abuse
Putz1201 wrote:

Question: When cordless tools are not being used, should the battery be removed so as to prevent the battery draining?

6/29/2010 05:14:17 PM Report Abuse

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