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Get the most from your planer

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Veer from the straight path

Veer from the straight path

Feeding boards at a slight angle not only reduces surface chip-out, but also helps limit any snipe to one corner. You can also feed a board at a sharp angle; then straighten it somewhat after a couple of seconds. This only works, however, on benchtop planers with rubber feed rollers. Stationary models with steel rollers will not allow you to straighten a board once it starts feeding.

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tommandkay wrote:

I do most of this stuff already. I don't have a jointer so my Rigid planer does the job. When edge planing, especially if all pieces are not the same height, I will clamp them together, but it must be done so that the clamp (plastic) does not come into contact with the blades.

2/21/2015 02:25:35 AM Report Abuse
tripplejjj3 wrote:

nathanrgriffin, I will give it try thanks

2/19/2015 06:25:37 PM Report Abuse
nathanrgriffin wrote:

Tripplejjj3 - Three ideas: The easiest, take a shallower cut. Second make sure you are planing with the grain rather than against it. Third, wax the planer bed or use a surface sealer. In addition to these three ideas, make sure your wood surface facing the bed is free of any sap or other sticky residue. If none of these work, you may have a mechanical problem.

2/19/2015 02:36:28 PM Report Abuse
billguff1 wrote:

My planer was such a wonderful addition to my shop. Planing wood to different thicknesses brings out such wonderfully surprising grain patterns in woods you wouldn't expect it to. It also allows me to meet specified thicknesses outside of dimension lumber in different cut lists of projects. bill77

3/2/2012 11:39:15 AM Report Abuse
countryjem wrote:

I have used my shopsmith planer for years and and some of these tips will increase my planer use . THANKS

3/2/2012 08:40:18 AM Report Abuse
jjmcbus07 wrote:

I used Cut and Paste to put the 10 tips into a single Word document. You can also save the picture, copy it and paste it into the Word document also.

3/1/2012 08:37:56 PM Report Abuse

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