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How to Make Each Type of Rail-and-Stile Frame

Freud's Adjustable Rail & Stile Innovation Center

Adjustable? You betcha! Here are the details on building an assortment of doors--something perfectly matched for your next project.

Safety is always the first concern in the shop. Observe these safety guidlinesduring every shop operation.

Not comfortable distinguishing between a rail and stile? Dial in here to become familiar with the terminology of door and panel construction.

Before you start building doors, make sure your power tools are adjusted to make accurate cuts.

Your workmanship will soar when you select consistent grain for your rails and stiles.

Your work becomes instantly easier when your rails and stiles are the same thickness and matching widths.

Master the bread-and-butter joint of cabinetry.

The adjustability of Freud's PARS set makes it easy to construct a narrow door while using the strength benefits of rail-and-stile joinery.

Doors as wide as 1-1/4" thick are just as easy to cut as standard 3/4"-thick doors.

For large doors or heavy panels, an extended tenon provides additional strength.

Adjust the slot cutters for hardwood plywood from 7/32" to 3/8" wide.

With an optional cutter, you can create decorative profiles and rabbets to hold a glass panel in your next project.

Double-sided panels opens the door to new project ideas. We'll show you how with an optional set of cutters.

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