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Tools and Reviews
Our impartial and intensive tool tests are conducted by independent expert woodworkers to bring you balanced reviews.

Reviews from WOOD Editors and Readers

Want even more tool ratings? See what other woodworkers like yourself have to say at Review-A-Tool. While you're there, leave your own tool ratings for others!

Tool-buying advice
Tool Talk

Got a question or technique involving woodworking tools? Talk shop with fellow woodworkers.

2013 Innov8 Awards

Check out the 8 new products we judge most innovative for 2013.

Tool Buying Advice

From tablesaws to routers to drills, find in-depth buying advice as well as tool recommendations for tons of different tools.

Our take on top tools
Bandsaws and Blades

We've got the advice you need when you're ready to upgrade your woodworking to tackle curve-cutting, ripping, and resawing.

All About Impact Drivers

These high-torque, compact tools drive fasteners like nobody's business.

Step up to a 12" Mitersaw

Need a workshop mitersaw? Make it compound and make it big. We'll help you pick one.

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