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Drawer with PVP pipe and miter gauge

Stash your miter gauge in a PVC holster

Changing from crosscutting to rip-cutting means finding a place to put the miter gauge. To keep it handy, build a holster for your miter gauge out of inexpensive 1"-diameter PVC pipe. Cut the pipe long enough to cover the guide bar of your gauge plus 3". To prevent the gauge from rolling over, cut a 3" notch in one end of the pipe as shown. Attach the pipe to the side of your saw with conduit brackets and sheet-metal screws. Now you'll never be more than an arm's reach away from the gauge.
--Mark Albrecht, Houston, Texas

Miter Gauges and Sleds

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Comments (6)
TXwoodrat wrote:

I bought wielding magnets at Harbor Freight and use them as shelf brackets. You can get different sizes with different holding power. I stuck two of the larger ones on the side of my table saw cabinet and laid a 1 x 4 board on top. Instant out of the way shelf. Haven't lost anything off it yet and the board has stayed in place. The beauty of it is no holes drilled and it's out of the way under the table top but you can move it around to where ever you want.

2/23/2012 10:37:05 AM Report Abuse
Eaton474 wrote:

If I didn't have a 24" fence on my miter gauge this would be awesome. Anyone have a solution for that? It's great to have, but man I just can't find anywhere to keep it!

6/17/2011 09:45:29 AM Report Abuse
Renz_refinishin wrote:

rare earth magnets from lee valley are the answer in my shop...they are very cheap, just as strong or stronger than your magnets you dig out of old computer parts, and, if you don't have a lee valley nearby, you can just order them online! which is still easier than digging though and ripping apart old computers.

1/2/2011 08:14:08 AM Report Abuse
arkansasgrizz wrote:

Great idea! But I see myself busting off that 3" piece. Just a thought; mount your PVC pipe a little further in and as you slide the miter gauge in turn it 90 degrees and rest the gauge on the side of your saw.

10/26/2010 06:56:20 AM Report Abuse
survivorj1179052 wrote:

PVC holsters are great made one to hold my cane on my electric wheel chair. Sure was a whole lot cheaper than buying one from the scooter store. Isn't innovation great!

10/22/2010 09:29:34 AM Report Abuse
Ke1th wrote:

The magnets used in hard disk drives are very powerful and wonderful for many purposes. I like to just put one of the little buggers on my woodworking equipment and use that to hold the fence, chuck key, etc. Don't do it with anything you don't want slightly magnetized - I've never had a problem but you never know. Be careful handling these magnets - they're strong enough to hurt you. And be sure to recycle all computer parts properly.

10/21/2010 11:35:35 AM Report Abuse

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