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Shop setup solutions

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Work bench with lights above

Boom puts power right above your bench

Electrical cords that get draped across a benchtop are ripe for damage, and such a situation could easily result in a serious electrical shock. If you plug in your tools above the bench instead of behind it, you won't have to drag cords across the worksurface. For an overhead outlet that goes where you need it, fashion a boom like the one shown from 1x4 and 1x2 boards. It should be long enough to extend from the back of the bench to slightly past the bench front. Attach a power strip to one end and hinge the other end to the wall behind the bench. For a long boom, add a guy wire from the free end of the boom to a point on the wall above the hinge. Rout a groove for the power cord, to avoid damage. Add a clamp-on reflector lamp for a simple, adjustable worklight.
--G.E. Wallauz, Painesville, Ohio

Bright Ideas for Workshop Lighting

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Comments (9)
schylerjones wrote:

Wow, a simple but very effective idea that I will definitely be putting into service in my garage and wood shop, without the permanent attachment of the extension cord of course... :-) thanks for the tip.

11/11/2012 07:43:41 AM Report Abuse
dave43ncher wrote:

When I built my shop I installed overhead drop cords rated for 20 amp and had the adjoining drop cords on separate circuits

6/16/2011 11:08:11 AM Report Abuse
bmwesa wrote:

Very good idea. I ned one of them above my bench. As far as the NEC goes I'm betting an inspector doesn't pay him a visit but if you insist remove the staple and install a small cup hook in it's place. That will get you around the wiring being permanently attached to the structure.

12/30/2010 03:54:17 PM Report Abuse
cjtalbott wrote:

What AkMan is referring to is the diagram. Just below the hinge, the extension cord is clearly shown being held to the wall with a wire staple (that is the wall, dude, otherwise the hinge is also attached to nothing). Since the diagram shows the extension cord being routed behind the pegboard above the bench, wrapping once or twice around the boom and letting it hang as it goes behind the pegboard keeps it out of the way of the toddlers without wire-stapling it to the wall.

10/26/2010 09:25:06 AM Report Abuse
arkansasgrizz wrote:

I must have missed something .... where does it say to "permenantly" attach to wall ?? Great idea! I can see more than 1 of these in my shop in the near future.

10/26/2010 06:49:10 AM Report Abuse
survivorj1179052 wrote:

That's not the wall, dude and dangling cords can be hazardous to toddlers who love to follow Dad & Mom around fixing things. I'd rather pay the fine.

10/22/2010 09:25:04 AM Report Abuse
survivorj1179052 wrote:

Great idea!! Three thumbs up!

10/22/2010 09:22:11 AM Report Abuse
AkMan wrote:

Permanently attaching an extension cord to a wall is a violation of the National Electric Code. Rather than affixing it to the wall below the hinge, wrapping it around the arm and letting it dangle would be a better idea. (Not that you are expecting a visit from the Electrical Inspector any time soon!)

10/21/2010 09:17:31 PM Report Abuse
cwcad wrote:

Excellent idea! simple and effective. I have a feeling this will enter into my shop set up soon.

10/21/2010 12:37:06 PM Report Abuse

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