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Tips for sawing

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Stock-support blocks save bench space

Stock-support blocks save bench space

Long support tables for a radial-arm saw or mitersaw make cutting lengthy stock a breeze, but I couldn't dedicate one whole wall of my tiny shop to one tool. Forcing my workbench into double duty seemed to be the best idea, but I didn't want to move all the stuff off the bench every time I wanted to make a cut.

So, instead of setting the saw base flush with the benchtop, I raised it 3-1/8" higher. At that height, I can slip a short length of 4 x 4 under each end of my workpiece and not have to clear the entire bench.

-- Wayne Allison, Long Branch, Texas

Radial-Arm Saw Support

Radial Arm Saw Techniques

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Comments (11)
danaparker82 wrote:

I have a small shop setup in one bay of my two bay garage and in a small shop for everything a RAS does I think it's a must have. I love mine

2/17/2012 06:46:41 PM Report Abuse
jonbob39 wrote:

I designed and built my own dust collector. I will email a pic to anyone that is interested. It does not work for ripping, but I no longer do that with the RAS.

4/7/2011 12:26:32 PM Report Abuse
jw782 wrote:

I have had my Craftsman RAS for many years and I would not be without it. As mentioned above, each tool has its use. Mine has a metal cabinet for storage and it is all self contained with casters. The tools years ago were made in the good 'ol USA and much better in my opinion than the ones coming from China.

2/18/2011 08:43:35 PM Report Abuse
ZekFussel wrote:

Have had a 10" Craftsman rad arm since 1967, used it when constructed mobile homes I had simular situation as Wayne once but just made all flush w/saw tabletop, raise the blade & moved arm out of way when full bench is needed. Nowdays, have a miter in one end but for short people, good tip

2/10/2011 08:15:01 PM Report Abuse
grosche3 wrote:

Regarding the dust collection system... I've purchased a hood type device from Sears some years back. It has vacuum hookups for both cross cut and rip cuts. It has a flexible hose for attaching to the saw blade guard. Not sure if's still available, but it does a decent job although a good vacuuming of the saw table is necessary.

2/3/2011 07:51:29 PM Report Abuse
jw782 wrote:

I have had my RAS for years and I wouldn't be without it. I also have my table saw and miter saws. Every tool has its use. I use the RAS with my dado as well as my Sears moulding head. Sometimes it is easier to use my routers also. If one is really into woodworking, the proper tools are necessary.

2/3/2011 12:34:24 PM Report Abuse
TON517 wrote:

after using my ras the other day it reminded me about a comment some time back that said the RAS was a gone item. Having had 2 in the last 20yrs, I have to say I cannot go with out it. I have a table saw and miter saw but there are just times only the RAS is the right tool. This tip is very useful for my miter saw as the RAS is on its own stand.

10/9/2010 06:03:29 PM Report Abuse
griffin1346465 wrote:

I use my radial arm saw just about as much as I use my table saw. What I would like to know is who has come up with a good dust collection for it?

10/8/2010 04:29:55 AM Report Abuse
MR PLANE wrote:

I am happy to see information on the ras arm saw,I just finished a complete set of red oak cabinet's with stain glss door's. I usd the radial arm saw to cut rail's and stile's in making the door's and drawer's with no problem's, I also have a molding head set to make the molding

7/30/2010 08:00:17 PM Report Abuse
wpaleriders552 wrote:

i am gratiful you have some recommendation for the radial arm saw,i like working with my alot. thanks cyrus wilson,San Diego, CA

7/30/2010 09:36:35 AM Report Abuse
chesshaus wrote:

I have found that old CD's also work well

7/29/2010 03:46:35 PM Report Abuse

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