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Board w/various sizes of nuts

Sort nuts and bolts with speed

I collect nuts and bolts like a magnet. But I couldn't use them if I couldn't find them, so I needed a way to quickly size and sort them.

In a piece of scrap lumber, I mounted T-nuts of the most common thread sizes and wrote the size of the nut next to it. I drilled a hole at the top of the sizer and hung it on the per-forated hardboard over my workbench.

When I have bolts left over from a project, I try them in each hole of the sizer until I get a fit, then store them by size. It works so well, I made a similar board to sort nuts by putting bolts through the T-nuts from the back.
--Jim Jaffe, Hawthorne, N.J.

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Comments (11)
rjohndavis wrote:

I've had mine for years. Added a bolt of each thread size beside the T Nut so I can sort nuts and bolts. Same thing in metric.

10/4/2015 12:27:47 PM Report Abuse
jim_of_oz wrote:

Wow - why so many negatives. It's a good idea and simple to make. Cool.

9/25/2015 04:45:21 PM Report Abuse
rfarmer1000 wrote:

I agree with woodworkin15953, if you can build it, take pride in it. If not, then buy it.

9/24/2015 04:06:44 PM Report Abuse
woodworkin15953 wrote:

Good idea Jim! Hey Guys, are we builders or buyers? Jim built something that works for him and all I see here downgrades his good idea. I get enjoyment in standing back and thinking "I built that"! Even a sizer that I could go buy.

4/18/2014 08:32:59 AM Report Abuse
lrjohnson49632 wrote:

Here's a about being organized from the "Get Go"!

12/18/2013 06:33:07 PM Report Abuse
chuckfran7 wrote:

woodchuck wrote. Rockler has what is called the Thread Dective in both Std and metric resonably priced

2/25/2012 07:31:21 AM Report Abuse
dennb wrote:

If you want one like the hardware store, just go to the hardware store where they sell bulk nuts/bolts and grab one of each nut. Drill a whole slightly smaller than the nuts edges with a forstner bit and then pound the nut into the opening.

1/7/2011 10:30:20 PM Report Abuse
Renz_refinishin wrote:

come on guys...sizers are easy to find and very cheap...amvwed knows! i got mine from fastenal, or if you want to pay a couple bucks more or don't have a fastenal nearby, you can order them from lee valley

1/2/2011 08:47:51 AM Report Abuse
wilsonwoodshop wrote:

Well it isn't cheap, but I've worked in 4 R/D/prototype shops & have always ordered & used a #20375A21 "Thread-It Nut and Bolt Gauge Measures 26 (Total) Screw and Bolt Sizes". Has both SAE & Metric. Other types on the page. For extreme "hardware hounds" who NEVER throw out anything w/o stripping out the hardware.. Very simple device that ID's bolt/nut thread sizes.

1/2/2011 02:15:52 AM Report Abuse
amvweb wrote:

Harbor Freight sells a nut and bolt sizer for a few bucks. The one in my local hardware store is from Fastenal. They have branches all over.

12/30/2010 01:09:39 PM Report Abuse
rodneyhytonen1 wrote:

"Most common sizes" are NEVER the problem! Finding a sizer that includes EVERY possible size - very much IS. Ask, even at the Hardware, where you can get one like theirs, and they tell you that's "not for sale."

12/30/2010 11:43:30 AM Report Abuse

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