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Routing Tips

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At-A-glance profile of router bits

At-a-glance profile of router bits

It often requires a second glance at a router bit to select the correct cutter for the desired shape. For a reference of the bit profile, rout an 8" length of scrap material with each bit. Crosscut the profile to a shorter length. With hook-and-loop material, hang the profile near the respective bit. Then hold the profile to the end of your workpiece before you make any cuts. Always return the profiles and bits to the correct storage spots.

-- from the WOOD® magazine shop

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Comments (14)
jonesmr2 wrote:

I like the idea, but I think I'll add an endview of the sample to make it easier to select.

10/18/2012 12:06:21 PM Report Abuse
stewart scott wrote:

I find that if your bit is not SHARP it5 will chip. Not everyone can properly sharpen a bit so with experience find the right supp-0lier. I am finding that some bits are not as accurate as other I have found that all bits are not equal. Sharpening also plays a big part. I have found that certainKnow your bit and you trademen Stewart Scott

7/15/2012 07:03:43 PM Report Abuse
J.R. Sloan wrote:

Nobody mentioned the easy-dismount feature for hanging on the wall--oughtta make it a lot easier to use--several great ideas here; congrats! JR in Spokane

6/6/2011 10:42:26 AM Report Abuse
JSheek1 wrote:

Better yet, drill a 1/2" hole in the sample to hold the bit.

6/3/2011 04:39:14 PM Report Abuse
weolson3122102 wrote:

A Sharpie is a fine point permanent felt tip marker.

5/11/2011 11:48:41 PM Report Abuse
mbfox2858965 wrote:

trumpeteer993088248 what is a sharpie

3/13/2011 09:54:07 PM Report Abuse
ElwinHarrison wrote:

If you can find it, you could use hdmw plastic, available at woodcraft, in place of the wood and they could be used as setup blocks.

3/11/2011 04:24:07 PM Report Abuse
cpopenhagen4054347 wrote:

Keep up the good work, A good Idea for the hard to see man...

3/10/2011 05:48:39 PM Report Abuse
trumpeteer993088248 wrote:

To add versatility, I used 1 1/4 by 3/4 inch stock, and for winged bits, raised and lowered the bit to show all possible profiles on different edges, then wrote with a sharpie what it was that I did so I could re-create the profile

3/10/2011 12:36:01 PM Report Abuse
bob studer wrote:

I madeone very simiiar to this I have an inside wall with exposed studs and used the space betweenstuides to mount the holder.A door with foam on the base protects the router bits

3/10/2011 10:08:49 AM Report Abuse
BilltheDiver wrote:

If properly done the strips could also be used as setup pieces for the bits.

1/21/2011 08:22:04 AM Report Abuse
cowman2244 wrote:

I agree with OlNorm. With all the bits some time it is hard to see the profile. Great Idea, Thanks

10/29/2010 01:06:55 PM Report Abuse
OlNorm wrote:

Real good Idea for old guys like me that can not remember what a bit makes.

7/30/2010 07:08:06 PM Report Abuse
RichForcier wrote:

I like the idea of the profile matched to the bit in storage

4/23/2010 02:09:38 AM Report Abuse

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