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Tips for Better Gluing & Clamping

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Secure odd shapes with bags of lead

Secure odd shapes with bags of lead

I've seen companies bragging about how their clamps can hold odd-shaped workpieces, but nothing holds like my "bag-o-lead" clamping system. Plus, it's less expensive than those specialty clamps.

To make mine, I bought some 25-pound bags of #9 shot (for reloading shotgun shells) at a sporting goods store for about $15 each. When I need to glue up an unusual shape, I put the piece to be clamped on my bench and put a bag or two of shot on top of it. They conform easily to most shapes.

The bags are pretty durable, but be careful not to puncture them. The shot is very small and even a tiny hole will quickly cover your shop floor with shot.

-- Rick Kling, Chesterfield, Mich.

Complete Guide to Joinery

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Comments (6)
hansonthomasw wrote:

I use sand in motorcycle and bicycle inner tubes with constrictor knots on the ends. They are already curved too. I use auto tubes(when I can find them now) for big jobs and rifle range sandbags that won't degrade outdoors. Poke a hole in it? You got to be kidding me, you could stab it with a knife and it won't leak out.

4/23/2011 11:28:06 AM Report Abuse
Hawk 60 wrote:

If you bought shot for $15 a bag, that must have been a long time ago! A couple of years ago it was $50 a bag and now it's around $35 a bag. {:>)

4/21/2011 11:46:19 AM Report Abuse
rogercrooks wrote:

I use sand in sand bags but any type of plastic bag will do. I've made up over a dozen from 10-30 pounds in all sizes and they work great in all types of applications. If direct on wood and worried about moisture, paper or cardboard will fix that

12/9/2010 10:55:42 AM Report Abuse
ontheside wrote:

Put the shot into Zip lock bags over the bags that they come in

10/10/2010 08:58:14 PM Report Abuse
par42day1 wrote:

It seems that sand would be more condusive to attracting moisture and cause discoloring of the wood.

10/9/2010 06:58:06 PM Report Abuse
bvieth1 wrote:

Why not use slightly larger bags and fill with sand. Bags of play sand at the big box store is a lot cheaper

10/7/2010 02:27:12 PM Report Abuse

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