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Sawing Solutions

Tablesaw Tune-Up

Invest a day in bringing your tablesaw back to peak performance.

Take a few minutes to build this cut-off jig in your shop, and you'll take accuracy with you anywhere.

Helpful information on making and using an auxiliary rip fence by Jim Heavey.

Due to the high cost of a stacked-dado set, you may be thinking twice about pulling the trigger on that purchase. To help justify the cost, consider the fast, effective joinery you can crank out using only a tablesaw and dado set.

Pitch, tar, and resin build up quickly when cutting wood and can gum up saw blades until they cut like dull ones. Follow this simple process to restore them.

Build a custom tapering jig.

Salvage a miscut workpiece with this neat fix.

A jigsaw's reciprocating blade can leave a cutline littered with splintered shards of wood and torn-out gaps that need mending. It doesn't have to be that way. Read on

Precise angled cuts rely on accurate gauge settings. Here's how to adjust yours.

Align your tablesaw blade, fence, and riving knife for maximum accuracy.

You don't have to settle for rough, splintered edges when cutting plywood. Nor do you have to wrestle large, awkward pieces while placing your back at risk. Just use these simple tricks to get great results.

Tips from the Wood Magazine Shop to dial-in your machine for flawless performances.

Tips and tricks for getting the best results from your tablesaw.

To keep you safe at all times, build this simple guard.

Turn your "chop" saw into a precision cutting tool with these helpful tips.

Even more shop-tested scrollsaw tips from scrollers around the country.

Sanding-disc shim cuts plugs close.

Wixey recently introduced the WR2000 Digital Height Gauge, which allows you to dial in tablesaw-blade and router-bit heights to within 0.001 of an inch.

A clothespin provides the heart of this simple device that safely pins down small parts when crosscutting at the mitersaw.

Yes, you can make cabinet-quality cuts with this much-maligned tool, by using these can't-miss tips.

Here's a mother lode of helpful hints you can put to work in your shop today.

If you think of your tablesaw as a machine for simply ripping or crosscutting, you're selling it short.

Cut are usually only as accurate as your measurements and your machines. Let us help you improve the accuracy of both.

Your miter gauge can be your best friend in the workshop, so keep it in top-notch working condition with this seven-step maintenance plan.

Build a simple jig that uses your dial caliper to do the duty.

Don't accept workpiece chip-out on your tablesaw. Instead, eliminate it by using a zero-clearance insert for every cut you make.

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