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Sanding Solutions

Sand for a perfect finish

After carefully sanding your project prior to finishing, dust nibs, brush strokes, and raised grain can undo all of your prep work. But sanding between coats of finish puts you back in control and makes the difference between a so-so surface and one that looks and feels professional.

Sanding belts and discs can load up quickly with pitch and dust, especially when working with resinous woods, such as pine or cedar, reducing their effectiveness significantly.

Use these tips to put a pneumatic drum sander to work in your shop.

10 sanding strategies to smooth over the roughest of jobs.

Smooth finishes are the result of smooth surfaces. Try these tips to achieve both.

For most of us, finishing means applying varnish, polyurethane, or paint with a brush. The dream of a glass-smooth tabletop is always spoiled by brush marks and bits of dust and other debris. Here are seven steps to a heavenly finish.

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