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Our 3 favorite tablesaw safety gadgets

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Low-dough splitter
Orange throat insert
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The inexpensive MJ Splitter keeps
the saw kerf open and also presses
the workpiece against the rip fence.

Low-dough splitter

For saws without a built-in riving knife, a splitter reduces the chance for kickback by preventing the saw kerf from pinching behind the blade. The MJ Splitter -- a semi-circular plastic disc -- mounts in a zero-clearance throat insert, as shown right. A simple drilling jig and clear instructions included with the splitter make installation easy.

Each kit (available for thin-kerf or full-kerf blades) comes with two splitters, each offset slightly different distances from the center of the mounting pins. Because of this offset, the splitter presses the keeper piece against the rip fence as a featherboard would. A greater offset provides increased pressure toward the fence.

Unlike a riving knife, the splitter does not tilt with the blade, so it can be used only for 90° cuts. Remove the splitter by simply lifting it up and out of the holes in the insert.

(SP-0125 standard kerf, SP-100 thin kerf, Micro-Jig.)



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