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Our 3 favorite tablesaw safety gadgets

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Deluxe pushblock
Yellow jig with green
Enlarge Image
Push workpieces while keeping
your hands well away from the
blade. The middle leg slides to
accommodate rips of various widths.

Deluxe pushblock

Ripping narrow strips or narrow stock can be a challenge. The GRR-Ripper pushblock, right, makes those jobs easy. With one edge riding against the rip fence, its rubber-coated feet straddle the blade to push both the keeper and cutoff pieces past the blade, while also allowing you to apply pressure against the fence.

The manufacturer offers a variety of accessories, including a leg that allows for ripping strips as narrow as 1/8" (shown right), and outriggers for steadying the pushblock when ripping workpieces narrower than the pushblock. For specialized tasks, make your own accessories and attach them using #10-32 screws that fit into threaded inserts in the sides or with 1/4"-20 hexhead bolts that slide into T-slots in the top and ends.

The $60 price tag might seem hefty, but you'll find it useful at the router table, jointer, and bandsaw as well.

(Pushblock GR-100, 1/8" side leg, Micro-Jig, 407-696-6695,

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