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Stay on Guard Against Kickback

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Be patient with portable saws

Be patient with portable saws

Kickback often occurs when you're cutting large sheets of material. If you let the sheet sag down, the kerf can close and pinch the blade as you near the end of the cut. Keep your hands and body to one side of the line of cut. Always maintain a firm grip on the saw. And don't stretch so far over the workpiece that you're left in an awkward, unbalanced position.

Remember, too, that big sheets need wide, solid support all the way around, in the form of a workbench or well-made stand with rollers. Don't replace such support with a human helper. You won't find a helper who can keep your work as steady as a workbench.

Don't let a chainsaw loose

When you cut with the bottom edge of the chain bar, the saw pulls away from you. That's good. But when you cut with the top edge, the saw wants to come at you. The most hazardous cutting spot of all is the top curve of the bar's nose. Using that point almost guarantees a kickback.Hold the chainsaw with both hands, and wear safety glasses or goggles. A full face shield is even better.


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