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Tools for Fine-Tuning Joints

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Flatten saw blade dadoes

Flatten saw blade dadoes

Success secrets: Match the grit to the amount of stock to remove-start at 80 grit for removing deep score lines; 120 grit works great for minor tenon corrections. Then match the block size to the job. For example, plane a scrap block to the thickness of your dado widths; then mount sandpaper to the edge for a sanding block that works the entire dado with each pass, see photo. Choose hardwood sanding-block stock that will hold a crisp edge, and attach sandpaper to only one surface, not adjoining faces or edges. That lets you adjust one dimension of a joint without affecting the others, see Slide 3. Abrasives on small sanding blocks wear in a hurry, so change paper frequently.

Right-On Dado Jig

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