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How to Sharpen a Card Scraper

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Rubbing screwdriver on top of scraper


Card scrapers clean up a workpiece like no other tool, leaving a scratch-free, glassy-smooth surface ready for finishing. To achieve this kind of performance, you must maintain a sharp cutting burr on the scraper's edge. Fortunately, doing that requires only a pair of common tools. Here's how.

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joesnare wrote:

Check out this File Burnisher combo from Glen Drake and you will ever have a dull scraper again. The file side is perfect for flattening the edge and face and after honing on a waterstone the burnisher creates a hook that can't be better with no galling from uneven pressure. Use a wod block to set the height in the vise and after flattening the edge the handle on the block will give the proper angle for the hook. the same hook every time.

12/4/2014 10:04:01 PM Report Abuse
JagV8 wrote:

I have a Sandvic (SP) card scraper, that no matter what system or method used I cannot put a hook on it, so I bought a new one and I can hook an edge on it with no problem. Has anyone else run into this?

10/29/2010 06:14:40 AM Report Abuse
tenpenny3315200 wrote:

When using a file only push against teeth. Pushing in other direction will dull file as it may break off the fine points that cut. No file that I know of is designed for push / pull use.

10/15/2010 04:40:28 PM Report Abuse
bpolo215 wrote:

As mathman47 stated I too only used the scrapers to remove old finishes and glue up lines, but I am going to try it as a finish pass to see the results. As far as the ads I also think they are necessary to allow us to see the site content free, I don't feel distracted by them and sometimes there are interesting items advertised.

10/14/2010 01:45:57 PM Report Abuse
mathman47 wrote:

I have used scrapers for years in removing old finishes, but never thought about them for final finishing work. Everything on the site worked fine and the video is a fine addition to the slides. I also agree, the ads are a necessary evil. After all, the company is in business to make money. So enjoy what you have for free.

10/8/2010 07:54:53 PM Report Abuse
jbraud wrote:

There seems to be a group of people on every web site, who tells the author that something is wrong with their presentation. I would like to believe it is because they really want to help, but I can tell it is because they make a big deal out of trying to say that they know better than everyone else. Why do you look at these sites if you know better ways to get things done? That's right, you have to show off your brilliant knowledge.

10/7/2010 05:11:26 PM Report Abuse
Machinist60 wrote:

The all important step of stoning after filing has been ommitted. There must be two well polished surfaces meeting to form a sharp edge before rolling a burr. Striations left by filing can lead to a fragile edge.

10/7/2010 11:42:32 AM Report Abuse
dhixon1 wrote:

The only thing I would like to add to the instructions is that putting oil on the edge before burnishing will help greatly.

10/7/2010 11:40:43 AM Report Abuse
gthynes wrote:

I concur.

10/7/2010 09:48:41 AM Report Abuse

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