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Heat your shop. Cool your shop.

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Not-so-hot heating options
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Sitting on concrete with clearance
on all sides and fireproof tiles
shielding the walls, a wood stove
might pass inspection. But insuring
a shop -- especially one attached to
a house -- could prove the larger

Not-so-hot heating options

What about wood? Makes sense, right? You can burn your offcuts and mistakes for cozy heat. But wood heat has enough drawbacks to discourage it:

  • Passing inspection may be difficult or even impossible in your community.
  • Your insurance agent may balk at (or charge a fortune for) an open-flame appliance.
  • Kiln-dried scraps burn hot and fast, so you'll soon be forced to switch to labor-intensive firewood. Even then, it will be difficult to maintain consistent heat.

Also be wary of vent-free propane- or kerosene-fired appliances. These low-cost heaters, sold as portable units or radiant panels, require plenty of fresh-air ventilation to prevent carbon-monoxide poisoning, causing you to waste energy warming cold outside air. And propane versions introduce moisture into the air -- a bad mixture with wood and cast-iron tools. Although some models come with low-oxygen shut-off sensors for safer operation, the trade-off can be inconsistent heat as you wait for the fresh-air supply to replenish.

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meridiaman1 wrote:

I, actually, purchased a mini-split brand new from a seller on a popular auction site and installed it myself. Installation is quite easy. My mini-split has been operating perfectly for the last 9 years with no problems. It supplies me with A/C in the hot Phoenix summers and heat in the winters (Yes, we get as low as the '20s in the winter here, at times.).

12/18/2014 04:39:27 PM Report Abuse

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