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Layout, Measuring, and Marking

Measure once, cut forever with a story stick

Want to abolish measuring errors from your woodworking? Beat them with a stick: a story stick.

You can't beat an ellipse when you want a graceful curved-edge tabletop, frame, or opening. This simple scrapwood trammel makes drawing any size ellipse, a straightforward task.

Whether you're a hobbyist trying to get a better sense of a project's "feel" or a professional craftsman pitching to a client, prototyping can help you test a design's structural integrity, functionality, and comfort.

From tuned-up tools 'til you tighten the clamps, it's hip to be square. Here's how to get there.

There's more to measuring and marking than stretching a tape across a board and drawing a pencil line. By using the right tools and accessories, you'll greatly improve your precision and even speed up your work.

A reader wants to know how to enlarge patterns from a gridded drawing. It's easier than you think, and requires very little artistic talent.

You don't need fancy equipment to turn away from straight lines. In this article, we'll show you how to mark curves and arcs with a trammel, string and pins, compass, flexible curve, and French curve.

Clever tips for measuring and marking your wood.

The site contains discussion groups, shop tours, woodworking plans, shop tips, listing of woodworking clubs, and more.

We've got 10 super-simple shop skills that will improve your marking accuracy.

Use "cutting-edge" technology for accuracy a pencil could never deliver.

If you've ever tried to draw a straight line down a length of dowel to mark hole locations, you know how difficult it is to hold a straightedge along a round surface.

If you're going to deal with round things, you need to know about p (Pi). Pi, a number you'll use often in circle calculations, represents the number of diameter lengths of a circle it would take to equal the same circle's circumference-about 3.14159.

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