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Flatten wide boards on a narrow jointer

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Changing of the (cutterhead) guard
Pulling tape off boards
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Use a piece of plywood instead of
hardwood for your spacer. Less
prone to warp, plywood provides a
reliably flat mounting surface.
2 boards going thru a planer
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Adjust the planer for a 1/32" cut and
feed the workpiece, spacer down, into
the planer. Make additional passes as
necessary to flatten the top.

Changing of the (cutterhead) guard

After jointing one edge of the board, replace your jointer's cutterhead guard, which will interfere with a wide board, with a shop-made guard of 3/4" plywood like the one on the first slide. It should cover the length and width of the cutterhead entirely. Clamp the guard securely to the jointer's fence.

Next, set the jointer to take a 1/16"-deep or less cut, depending on how much extra thickness you have to work with. Keep the jointed edge against the fence as you make a pass. This will produce a wide rabbet in the face of the workpiece.

Because the rabbet is the full width of the jointer's cutterhead and infeed table, an attempt at another pass will leave the rabbet resting flat on the infeed table while the unrabbeted edge overhangs. Depending on the design of your jointer, that edge may catch on the rabbeting ledge. The good news: You only need two flat points on the rabbet for this technique to work. One pass should be adequate.

Cut a 6"-wide spacer from 1/4" or thicker plywood an inch or two longer than your board. Secure the spacer to the workpiece using double-faced tape, one edge abutting the rabbet shoulder, photo right. Then run the stack through the planer, photo below right.

With one side now flat, remove the spacer; then run the board through the planer with the just-planed face down to remove the rabbet.


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