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Selecting the right-sized biscuit for the job

Biscuit joint template
Eliminate the trial and error of spacing biscuits in narrow rails.

Ever wonder whether your biscuit slots are sized right for the width of your workpiece or whether you can squeeze in two instead of one? This jig takes the guesswork out of spacing biscuits in narrow rails.

Make the jig by cutting biscuit slots of three sizes (#0, #10, and #20) in a piece of 34 " material. Cut a pair of slots of each size in the jig sides and leave 18 " between slots. To use the jig, set the butt end of a rail against the jig side to determine the size and number of biscuits to insert in the joint.
—Stu Klausner, Hilton Head, S.C.

Sizing biscuit joints

Biscuit joint template
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