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Cures for Loose Dadoes

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Wedges Work Too
Gap in side of board
Enlarge Image
Ding in side of board
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Tapping the wedged spline into the
slot spreads the workpiece end to
tighten up any loose fit.

Wedges Work Too

Close a gap with a wedge

For gaps smaller than 1/16", use a wedged spline to spread the ends of the inserted workpiece, tightening the fit. Begin by routing a 1/8"-wide, 1/2"- to 3/4"-deep slot centered along the board's end using a slotting cutter. (You can also cut a 1/8" kerf using your tablesaw, but long, unwieldly workpieces will need the support of a tall auxiliary fence.)

Next, cut a wedged spline with 5° bevels along each face, with the narrow edge the same thickness as your slot. Gently tap the spline into the slot. This might require some trial-and-error trimming or sanding to achieve the perfect fit.

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Comments (4)
Frostychevy wrote:

Been there as well. Now I cut a smaller blind dado on the upright so there is no evidence of a dado. Then I route off about 3/16 of an inch on the top and bottom of each side of the shelf. Trimming back the front portion of the mortised edge about 1/4 inch shorter than the original length of the dado gives me a clean no visible dado front with a tight fit on all the shelves on the front of the finished piece. Takes some extra work and a bit of trial and error but I like the look when done.

2/5/2015 01:35:48 PM Report Abuse
grip wrote:

I've been there, great tips on dado's. Thanks.

12/11/2010 03:39:50 AM Report Abuse
BIGBEAR76 wrote:

I'd sure like it if there was a single download button for these plans...please ADD A SINGLE DOWNLOAD BUTTON TO ALL THESE PLANS->A SINGLE DOWNLOAD BUTTON THAT WORKS...PLEASE-> THANKS SO MUCH! tjl

7/5/2010 11:49:01 PM Report Abuse

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