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Spot problems early

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Paint thinner, the great scratch detector

Paint thinner, the great scratch detector

Spot problems early

As you prepare to finish, you'll find that paint thinner is one of your best friends. What you see with a wet coat of paint thinner is what you will see with a finish, as shown in the photo. Blotches, scratches, glue spots, and other flaws will leap out at you, just begging to be fixed.

Paint thinner evaporates fairly quickly and leaves no contaminant on the wood. You can use any kind of finish without problems, after the thinner dries. The next page tells you how to handle three typical defects.

Continued on page 2:  Typical defects solved



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billself60 wrote:

I don't know what settings folks are missing, but I don't get pop-ups. I operate with Windows 7, Google Chrome and Yahoo as my email provider. I have pop-ups blocked on my computer and a high filter for spam on my email settings. No pop-ups. No understand. No problem (for me anyway).

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Steve11670 wrote:

DROP the pop-ups!!!

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I am like the others writing re the pop-ups. I have been a subscriber to Wood/s Print magazine since it's inception. I do not appreciate Pop-ups in any form or media I receive.

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Couldn't agree more with xware, dean and Glenn. I've been getting Wood forever and I'm currently signed up for the next couple years or so, so I don't need and resent the pop-ups. As passionate as I am about woodworking, I rarely open up Wood emails any more. STOP IT!

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Gee-Dub wrote:

I realize the comments are going OT here but, I have to echo deanp and xwarenout 's comments. I frequently just delete the Wood emails now because the pounding one takes to view the info isn't worth it. Have you done a study to see if you are rally generating enough new activity with these pop-ups to make up for the sour taste we long time subscribers are getting? You can't change things if we don't let you know so please take these comments as intended and not as sour grapes.

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deanp1437446 wrote:

I'm a long-time print subscriber and member here. I have to agree with xwarenout - the ads are annoying. I think every time i get your email, "is it worth the junk they'll throw at me to look at this article?" many times i don't bother and just delete the email. Wood - i'm disappointed. Oh, and the additional ad i have to endure to put in a comment - insult added to injury...

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clark.m.j wrote:

In the article, when you use the term 'paint thinner', are you really referring to mineral spirits? I have found that mineral spirits (generally paraffinic/napthenic and non-aromatic) evaporates quicker and cleaner than does paint thinner (containing aromatics), which leaves an oily surface for quite some time.

6/22/2013 09:46:29 AM Report Abuse
fella1740720 wrote:

This also works with mineral spirits..

8/2/2012 09:48:48 AM Report Abuse

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