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Match new stain to old wood

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Measure, mix, repeat
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Measure with whatever gives you
easy, repeatable results: spoons,
oral syringes, or eyedroppers for
test batches, and bathroom cups
for large batches.
7 stains.jpg
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Starting at the left, the Provincial (1)
and the Red Mahogany (2) alone are
unsatisfactory. Next, a 1:1 blend of
the two (3) comes up short on red.
A 2:1 ratio heavy on Red Mahogany
(4) still lacks saturation. Bumping
it to 3:1 looks better (5), but overall
the color looks weak. Adding a shot
of black to darken the color (6) turns
out to be a bad idea, because the
black cancels out the red, leaving
only brown. Finally, returning to the
3:1 ratio and selectively wiping off
a heavy application after an hour (7)
produces a close match.

Measure, mix, repeat

1 Mix the stains in a clean container, starting with a 1:1 ratio. Begin with small amounts -- a little stain goes a long way [Photo top right]. Adding a spoonful at a time gives you repeatable ratios while minimizing waste, especially if you have to start over a time or two.

2 Record each addition so that you can duplicate it, whether in a larger batch now or another in the future.

3 Test the mix on a sample board, referring to the color wheel to see if a particular color is lacking [Photo below right].

4 Add one unit of a color at a time, testing after each addition. Don't fret if you don't hit your target color right away -- even the paint-store professionals who do this for a living expect a custom stain to require a dozen or more tries.

Continued on page 4:  Deeper, darker: Longer


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Garver873 wrote:

I have the wheel now I need to learn to use it,

2/21/2014 02:49:54 PM Report Abuse

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