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Microadjust your fence with a turnbuckle

Fence on a tablesaw with hand adjusting wrench

Making superfine adjustments to my router-table fence was hit-or-miss until I came up with my own microadjustment system. With this system, I simply clamp one end of the fence and make fine adjustments to the other end, before or after, with the turnbuckle.

To add a turnbuckle to your fence, use the hardware shown to add a pivot bolt to both the fence and the starting block. Use a turnbuckle with eyes large enough to fit snugly over the bolts. If the eyes are too large, fill them with epoxy, let it cure, and then drill out the epoxy to fit the bolts. Use a washer on either side of the eye and tighten the assembly together.

The turnbuckle works best on the "push" stroke, so make all your final adjustments by driving the fence away from the starting block to take out any slack in the threads. To ensure that the fence doesn't move once you've got it perfect, clamp the turnbuckle end of the fence down. When not in use, you can leave the pivot bolt and eyes in place and simply remove the turnbuckle. Then store the fence and the starting block.

--Wayne Donovan, Kansas City, Mo.

Fence on a tablesaw with hand adjusting wrench
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