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10 Top Tips for Dust Collection

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Vacummn hose

Brew up some vacuum-hose connections

Looking for a better way to hook up sections of 4" flexible dust-collection hose? The solution is percolating in your pantry!

The next time you empty a one-pound coffee can, cut off the bottom and use the can as a coupler. The rolled steel edges of the can prove much stronger than the crimped hose connectors sold in stores. Attach the hose leading to the dust collector with a screw-type hose clamp, and if you want a quick-change fitting, connect the hose leading to the tool with a 4" spring clamp.
--Earl Frech, North Canton, Ohio

Dust Collectors

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Comments (9)
zmaker wrote:

No coffee cans? Try 4" S&D PVC with a 5/8" slot cut lengthwise. Squeeze the slot closed and insert inside the flex hose. Clamp hose, as necessary.

2/15/2015 06:23:17 PM Report Abuse
al_phelps wrote:

My Keurig cups are no help!

11/6/2014 01:19:06 PM Report Abuse
rayphillips7527 wrote:

Hey Earl Frech, I have been using Pirouline cans for years. That is rolled chocolate filled wafers, right now I have about 20 empty cans. I eat 3 or 4 cans of the wafers each week. They are to size of the 11oz. coffee cans. and you get a good treat too.

5/17/2013 08:22:10 AM Report Abuse
JonnZ wrote:

can you still buy coffee in one pound cans?

5/16/2013 05:20:37 PM Report Abuse
hopework wrote:

With the realitive inexpensive cost from Grizzly, 5.50, it is not worth the effort and cost of clamps to make your own.

1/28/2011 10:56:21 AM Report Abuse
bobgnar2057967 wrote:

no mention of the 1 pound size. Is it the 10, 11, 12, or 13 oz. size?

10/30/2010 10:13:46 PM Report Abuse
southernwayok wrote:

hey wdchip that mag strip wont even work on wood screws.

10/28/2010 06:09:53 PM Report Abuse
wilsonwoodshop wrote:

Columbian coffee cans work better. French roast coffee cans are worthless.

10/28/2010 04:26:07 PM Report Abuse
wdchip wrote:

Hey Earl! I'm glad you mentioned cutting out the bottom of the can for Lou, who taped a magnetic strip to his STEEL dustpan to separate sawdust from screws he dropped.

10/21/2010 05:07:51 PM Report Abuse

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