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10 Top Tips for Dust Collection

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Trach can with fence

Good fence makes a better cyclone collector

After adding a garbage-can chip separator to my dust-collection system, I decided it would be easier to take the chips to the curb if I put a trash-can liner in the can. Oops! The first time I turned on the collector, it sucked the liner into the hose, rendering the system useless.

To remedy this situation, I fashioned a sleeve out of 2x4" welded fencing that fits inside the trash-can liner. I made mine an inch or so smaller in diameter than the bottom of the can to keep from damaging the liner as I insert the sleeve. When it comes time to empty the can, I lift out the sleeve, wiggling it from side to side. Then, I just pull out the bag, tie it up, and take it to the curb.
--John Rieger, Worthington, Ky.

Cyclone Dust Collector Woodworking Plan

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Comments (16)
davep7002 wrote:

If you pull a black garbage bag over the top of the can to the ground, and then invert both the can and bag, you can lift the can out with a minimum of dust in the air and no liner needed. I also compost the sawdust, mixed with horse manure because the sawdust needs nitrogen to decompose quicker.

5/21/2013 10:06:38 AM Report Abuse
JimQ2 wrote:

You can also use a length of cardboard tubing that is used for casting concrete piers. Smaller tubes work with the Dust Deputy. JimQ

5/16/2013 02:21:48 PM Report Abuse
jumbubba wrote:

I considered a cyclone lid as an addition to my Delta 1 1/2H collector but after reading reviews I'm inclined to skip it. Instead I welded a bracket that bolts to the wall to support the ring the upper and lower bags mount to so that I could eliminate the support legs. Now the system is free standing, with nothing in the way. I use a plastic trash can to support the bag below and I also use Husky brand 42 gallon contractor bags - much cheaper.

3/23/2013 04:14:52 PM Report Abuse
4jambo wrote:

regarding the collapsing of your trash can. do a search on the thien dust separator. this is a baffle assembly that fits on top of the can like a lid and limits the high velocity air movement to the top 3" of the can. the chips and dust go down into the can where the air movement is very limited. i built one and it really works ! it also keeps your exhaust filter cleaner.

2/9/2012 11:41:25 AM Report Abuse
Grandpa Bill wrote:

I used some scrap formica to make a liner to hold a 30 gal garbage bag in my shop vac. When it is full the liner slides right out the top without pulling sawdust with it.

3/3/2011 10:10:42 AM Report Abuse
paul.eiden932373 wrote:

I've worked on the sleeve idea to hold the garbage bag and finnally used cardboard to make the sleeve. Taped ends together to make the cone and don't have to worry about bag punctures.

1/27/2011 11:18:36 AM Report Abuse
tiermanc wrote:

Rockler has a Dust Collection Separator that fits the metal garbage can with 4" connections molded into the plastic top. Looks like it is molded such as to help a cyclone type circulation in the can.

1/27/2011 10:57:05 AM Report Abuse
billdbm wrote:

i think that is a great idear, i hate to dump my can full of chips a sow dust,i will make a wire cage as soon as i can, thanks for the tip

1/27/2011 09:50:45 AM Report Abuse
kish677 wrote:

John thanks for your responce on the flange for under the lid. kish677

10/29/2010 09:36:35 AM Report Abuse
J.R. Sloan wrote:

I got a fiber 55-gal drums used to ship grains and sauces, much more crush-resistant than garbage cans. Full of shavings and sawdust, it weighs about 80 lbs, not an unmanageable load.

10/28/2010 03:00:33 PM Report Abuse
J.R. Sloan wrote:

response to kish677: I found that you can make a flange that fits 4" air hoses almost perfectly, using one of those small cans that the specialty coffees come in (take off the two ends, go to work with tin snips). By splaying 1" tabs cut in one end and cutting a tight-fitting hole, you can make a pretty good joint, if you use silicon caulk on the outside to seal it.

10/28/2010 02:58:17 PM Report Abuse
cliff_joh wrote:

I made a seperater using a metal garbage can hooked to my shop vac. Problem: the force sucks the can in like a light weight beer can. Do you think the wire cage would help?

10/28/2010 01:14:22 PM Report Abuse
smithrr2 wrote:

I have a long uphill driveway, so in the winter when there is ice, all the captured sawdust comes in very handy for traction.

10/28/2010 12:18:12 PM Report Abuse
malazaba wrote:

Great idea! This idea can be used for those of us who bag their grass, then have to transfer it to a liner and recycle it. Thanks

10/28/2010 11:38:26 AM Report Abuse
kish677 wrote:

Great idea I am thinking of adding something like this to my shop vac. It is and old 30 year old Sears with unbelieable power, still today. May question is what did you use to attache the hose to the under side lid of the can. email me at or resond here. Thanks

10/28/2010 10:33:30 AM Report Abuse
johnjohnthe11 wrote:

Instead of putting my waste in the garbage to be picked up by the garbage I put mine in my compost therefore recyling it. R. John Kutcher

10/28/2010 10:14:09 AM Report Abuse

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