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Dust Collection Solutions

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Shop vac in closet

He likes it quiet

To keep noise to a minimum, Fred Collins placed his dust collector and vacuum in a closet lined with sound-deadening board and foam. The vacuum vents outside, and the dust collector vents back into the shop through a baffled chase lined with foam. For his shop, Fred uses an Oneida cyclone 2-hp dust collection and a central vacuum.

Dust Collector Plans

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Comments (9)
stcyrbobgmail wrote:

Wish my shop were that clean. Now that I'm retired I'm experiencing dust allergies. We all have a different starting place with sensitivity but our bodies develop due to our lifetime exposure. Don't risk diminishing the pleasure of a great activity, by not doing what you can to reduce your exposure. I used to think like some of the macho - it's all part of it that's been expressed here, but have changed my tune.

10/21/2015 08:43:37 PM Report Abuse
bucky77552 wrote:

wood dust can do lots of damage. best to be careful

9/25/2014 09:11:35 PM Report Abuse
laredo1210kid wrote:

Laredo- the shops are well set up, but, it doesn't look like it is used.11111111111111111

11/19/2013 10:28:30 PM Report Abuse
jdmongo wrote:

I too find it next to impossible to keep a "clean" shop! I do have a 2 hp. grizzly single stage collector and 4" pvc duct runs but the dust still builds up quickly. Seems that dust is one of the occupational hazards of woodworking.

8/23/2013 10:49:49 AM Report Abuse
SawdustTX wrote:

Fantastic shops and kudos to these folks for keeping them so clean and healthy! I'm always amazed why some woodworkers are so offended by a clean shop. My shop isn't anything compared to these shops, but it is clean and I like it that way!

5/23/2013 04:12:51 PM Report Abuse
rmercier53 wrote:

Merlin37, no kidding. My shop would look like that too, but, I USE IT. They must get a kickback from tool manufacturers.

5/19/2013 08:59:01 PM Report Abuse
redrock2512 wrote:

Chik, it's about health and safety, not cleanliness. Woodworkers today are using power tools that create very small particles of dust - too small to see until it settles on surfaces - that you need to protect yourself and your loved ones. I don't know about you, but I want to enjoy my woodworking hobby a long time. And I don't want to sacrifice my health to enjoy it. Unless all you are doing is carving with hand tools, dust collection should be as important as any other aspect of shop safety.

5/16/2013 09:50:45 PM Report Abuse
Chik Weid wrote:

Gimmee-a-break! It's what happens when you work with wood forgawdssake! Why all the fuss - who wants a"pristine shop" anyway? It sounds like a lot of people have been taken in. Having sawdust and shavings around is all part of the process - it's what happens with woodworking. A half hour at the end of the day to tidy up - an hour on Fridays... that's the way we've always worked... for generations. Amateurs !!! Pathetic !!!

5/16/2013 09:29:31 PM Report Abuse
merlin37 wrote:

I've looked at all 13 pic and my question is just what would all these look like after some actual use.

8/19/2012 07:51:40 AM Report Abuse

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