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Dust Collection Information

To aid in the response to questions from the Dust Collection and Air Filtration discussion group, we've created this informational section.

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Since creating the Dust Collection and Air Filtration discussion group, we've noticed some of the questions tend to be somewhat similar in nature. To aid in the response to these questions, we've created this informational section. We'll continue to add relevant information to frequently asked questions, so stop back from time to time to review.

For clarity, lets define System, CFM, Static Pressure, and Velocity:

The System is the DC system itself. It consists of the hood, the ductwork, the collector (usually a cyclone for our purposes), the fan, and the after filters if used. Each of these components works together to collect the dust at it's source, transport it to a desired location, and separate it from the air, and recycle or exhaust the cleaned air.

CFM is a volumetric measurement of air flow - Cubic feet per Minute.

Static Pressure is an expression of the resistance of the system. It's a sum of all the entry, acceleration, friction, collector, and filter losses. It's expressed in inches of water column.

Velocity is the speed at which the air is traveling through the ducts. It is calculated by dividing the airflow in CFM by the cross sectional duct area in square feet.

This discussion group and FAQ section are intended for hobby/home woodworking dust-collection systems. Anyone with a commercial shop, who is subject to governmental regulations, or who has allergies or another needs for an industrial system should hire a professional engineer to design, specify, and certify the performance of an industrial dust-collection system.

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Comments (3)
OldSeaDude wrote:

Quite a few years ago there was a push to have a ground wire inside the ductwork to avoid a static electric charge from building up and causing the end of the world as we know it, so I dutifully installed the ground. A friend told me they (whoever THEY are) no longer feel this is needed. Was he right?

10/28/2010 09:44:59 PM Report Abuse
donernst1253186 wrote:

Dust collectors and dust filters are two different things. Collectors leave a lot of fine dust in the air. Fine dust is much worse on the lungs than that collected in collectors. See my article about dust filters.

10/28/2010 11:48:31 AM Report Abuse
rpepera wrote:

If I have an in-ground dust collection system built in my new shop similar to the one on page 50 of the 2010 issue of America's Best Home Workshops, how do you clean out the duct system of it gets plugged by something?

3/28/2010 03:28:27 PM Report Abuse

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