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How to sharpen Forstner bits

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Two large bots with type on, chipper, canter spur teeth

Expensive bits are worth saving.

Are your bits losing their edge? Rather than giving them the heave-ho, try the ol' re-hone.

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Comments (19)
ldvaughn77 wrote:

To put thing a little less delicately, THIS SITE SUCKS!

8/24/2015 07:28:58 PM Report Abuse
dutton101 wrote:

Pop ups MUST GO!!!!! It is to bad I have a number of years on my subscription. I really like WOOD. Do you ever test your product? I have never been able to get the "FREE VIDEO" to play!!!! Use the product and get frustrated like the rest of US.

8/24/2015 03:59:26 PM Report Abuse
doorman21 wrote:

I needed information on lap joints...mainly how to do it. Came to Wood website, found a listing and then found out it was on dvd that had to be purchased. So , I went to wood workers journal and got a 5 page instructional piece---no charge. I won't be renewing my subscription to Wood.

8/22/2015 06:24:19 AM Report Abuse
travelfun2 wrote:

I agree wholeheartedly with the many comments regarding the annoying popups. PAID subscribers should not be subjected to this. As others have indicated, if this is not addressed you WILL lose another customer.

8/21/2015 12:55:22 PM Report Abuse
nbana wrote:

Wood, get your act together. Do you not see all these complaints? Do you even care? I even have to watch some advertising video of yours just to submit this comment.

8/21/2015 07:21:04 AM Report Abuse
Town_Crier wrote:

CutePDFWriter, (mentioned previously) for the Tip of the Day: From the File tab, do a Print Preview, adjust the Scale (at top) if needed to get all the text, click Print, chose CutePDFWriter as your printer (in the default printer dropdown), then in "Print Range select Pages making sure 1 of 1 is showing (to only save the first page and not all the advertising!). A Save As box will appear, choose your folder, verify it says PDF files, then click OK.

8/20/2015 10:53:20 PM Report Abuse
Town_Crier wrote:

Saving website tips. I use Firefox and on the 'File' tab, click ┐Save Page As' and select a folder to save it in. Be sure you are saving it as a ┐Web Page, complete (*.htm, *.html)┐.

8/20/2015 10:50:36 PM Report Abuse
MikalJ wrote:

Hey,Editors, Are you finally starting to get the picture? Those pop-ups are extremely annoying.

8/20/2015 07:21:53 PM Report Abuse
clip721 wrote:

I totally agree and have expressed this before: the pop-up are ridiculous!!! I have paid my subscription and should not have to have all of these crappy pop-ups. And the magazine is beginning to wane. I got my last copy and was done reading it in about 20 minutes!!! Not a lot in it.

8/20/2015 07:00:47 PM Report Abuse
staggerwing13 wrote:

I receive the email tips but always consider whether the learning more about the tip is worth the hassle of dealing with the lousy pop-ups. Unless it is something of great value I don't bother anymore visiting this site. I rarely buy anything advertised as I do not want to support the pop-ups.

8/20/2015 05:21:02 PM Report Abuse
Friend99434 wrote:

Video links show the wrong video and when you search videos they say they can't find anything. This sight stinks

8/20/2015 05:09:13 PM Report Abuse
scottpinkerton wrote:

The pops ups are ridiculous if you are a subscriber, and the fact that you can not print an entire article with multiple pages except one page at a time, straight from the site is annoying at best. The information and tips they provide can be found on the sites of other subscriptions I have. Not worth this hassle so this subscription will definitely no be renewed.

8/20/2015 04:43:42 PM Report Abuse
tpc696227267 wrote:

For people who want to make copies of these tips.... There is free software called "Cute PDF Writer", google it. You copy and paste the article in a text/word document and then print, but you change the printer setting from your printer to "CutePDFWriter" and give the file a name. It will then be saved into a folder and file that you designate as a PDF file. It's a nice program!

8/20/2015 04:09:55 PM Report Abuse
bgtowle50589 wrote:

Ditto the above. Especily bad is the one with no way to get rid of it without starting over. What are they thinking?

8/20/2015 03:47:25 PM Report Abuse
fturco wrote:

Let me add my voice to the legions of unhappy members. The pop-ups have to go or I have to. One or the other.

8/20/2015 02:38:00 PM Report Abuse
jjcoon35166 wrote:

Could not have said it any better.

8/20/2015 02:24:13 PM Report Abuse
davidmhahnsr wrote:

Not only the pop up's but links do not work or take you to the correct link. I am sure glad the magazine is not put together by their IT people.

8/20/2015 02:21:46 PM Report Abuse
hjskip57109 wrote:

Ditto. I really am annoyed every time I open the webpage and the pop-up comes up for free magazine. This isn't the first time I have complained but if it continues, it may be the last because I will not renew!

8/20/2015 01:31:43 PM Report Abuse
chiphegel1 wrote:

I had the same problem and I don't appreciate all of the pop-ups either. My subscription doesn't expire for another year and I still get renewal offers with every magazine and when I want to view things on-line. Do some research before you arbitrarily send renewals Please get your act together or you'll have at least one less customer.

8/20/2015 01:23:21 PM Report Abuse

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