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Self-Winding Leash for Wandering Chuck Keys

Never lose your drill press chuck key again with this handy tip.

I got tired of hunting for my drill press's chuck key, so I gave it a permanent home. I drilled a 5/8" hole near the top of the column. Next, I slipped a dozen or so 1/4" nuts over a 24" length of sash chain, using a cotter pin as a stop for the nuts. Finally, I attached the other end of the chain to the chuck key with a key ring, and then dropped the chain and nuts into the hole.

- David Schneider, Kitchener, Ont.


Comments (7)
rbattiste1 wrote:

Just put a magnetic strip on the top your drill that you can put drill bits there also Bobb

8/4/2014 07:20:23 AM Report Abuse
wooidy14010 wrote:

Good ole Harbor Freight sell a key ring with a nickel sized magnet attached. Always handy and no chance of a lanyard getting wound up in the spindle.

7/25/2014 03:58:08 PM Report Abuse
davegolf wrote:

I glued a rare earth magnet to my key and it stays on to of my press, unless I walk away with it and drop it somewhere else.

7/25/2014 10:31:33 AM Report Abuse
garyhill wrote:

I bought a retractable key ring for a dollar and attached it to the top of the press above the feed handle. Both are on the right side for this right-handed guy.

7/24/2014 06:02:26 PM Report Abuse
bradleywnelson1 wrote:

Like galabb, I use a couple of round magnets mounted on the side of my drill press case to hold my key. Works great without the tangle of the cord.

7/24/2014 11:01:37 AM Report Abuse
galabb wrote:

I have a magnet on my drill press where I ALWAYS place my chuck key. Handy and no tether to tangle when I need to use it!

7/24/2014 10:19:22 AM Report Abuse
grip wrote:

Very good tip.Other options are to take a retractable key chain holder that clips to your belt and clip it to your drill press or your electric drills, I have taped many chuck keys near the bottom of the electric drill. I do not own a drill press yet. Thanks David

12/11/2010 03:12:33 AM Report Abuse

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