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Drilling and Boring

Drill without damage

If holes you drill look more like exit wounds in a crime-scene investigation drama, follow these easy steps to prevent future drillin' villainy.

These tips will increase accuracy and decrease working time.

3 problems and their solutions guarantee your success with any doweling jig.

It's a sickening feeling: accidentally boring completely through a workpiece when you intended only a partial-depth hole. Here are three ways to avoid such a disaster.

Are your bits losing their edge? Rather than giving them the heave-ho, try the ol' re-hone.

Try the ingenious methods for drilling evenly spaced holes showcased in this free video.

Learn how these original cordless tools made holes for us before the advent of the portable power drill.

Using one reader's tip to alleviate hurting hands. Make a few small adjustments to your drill press and you won't feel any pain.

Determining the spindle speeds using a 4 step pulley on a drill press.

Mounting drawer pulls has never been easier than with this handy shop helper.

Need to make a hole in wood? You'll find a wide array of bits suitable for drilling and boring in wood. Here's a look at some of the popular choices.

When a project calls for a big hole, do you let out a little groan? Lots of woodworkers do. But big holes need not pose problems. Here are some easy ways to do the job.

Yes, you can drill a square hole with a round bit. Here's how.

Of all the cuts made with your mortiser, the first plunge into the workpiece takes the most force. Here's a tip on easing the load and prolonging the life of the machine.

There's no need for a drill press with this the low-cost solution. Learn to drill accurate perpendicular holes with this free video.

Take the hassle out of angled mounting holes with our simple drilling accessory.

Simple tips from the WOOD magazine shop to prevent drilling too deep with your portable drill.

Removing and replacing bits has never been easier, thanks to one reader's quick tip for storing drill bits safely.

Never lose your drill press chuck key again with this handy tip.

For attractive adjustable shelving, I prefer to drill individual holes for shelf pins rather than attach unsightly standards that were once so common.

Build a few handy helpers to turn your drill press into precision drilling center.

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