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Advanced Techniques

Sharpening showdown

We tested more than a dozen products in four categories -- sandpaper, water stones, ceramic stones, and diamond stones -- to find the best at imparting a super-sharp edge in the least amount of time.

The world's most accessible design software lets you plan your woodworking projects with confidence and realism.

Learn how Chuck Hedlund, WOOD's master craftsman, saved an old workbench by flattening its top.

No other room in your home will benefit more from a woodworker's touch. Whether you want to upgrade the cabinets, install new countertops, add more lighting, or just spruce things up with new window trim, floor covering, or a tiled backsplash, we've got you covered. And we'll help you adapt these improvements to your spaces. Note: This file is a PDF.

This project satisfied a long-time desire to make a small model of our present home. The model is the main level of our house which has 1834 square feet of living area.

Tom Whalley built the Model House for his grandchild.

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