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Woodworking Techniques

The Short Story on Book-Matched Panels

Create a happy ending by marrying mirror-image panels in 4 easy steps.

Here are 2013's Top Shop Tips, including the Readers' Choice Shop Tip of the Year!

Loads of glue surface area make a half-lap one of the most durable miter joints you can make.

Shop-tested tips from WOOD magazine and craftsman around the country.

Tight joints are a resultant of proper machining and clamping. Learn the secrets to clamping success.

Try these mini-technique articles to further your woodworking skills, make your workshop work harder, and improve the quality of your projects.

We won't bore you with these facts. We will however make your drilling tasks more accurate and less time consuming.

Protect your lungs with a dust-free shop. And there's not better way to breathe easy in your woodworking workspace than outfitting it with a dust-collection system or vacuum attachments on your tools.

Tips, techniques, and processes to help you create silky smooth finishes on everything from toys to furniture.

You don't have to be an old-world craftsman to use hand tools effectively.

Your skills as a craftsman can extent beyond the workshop. Here are a few methods to upgrade your home.

Improve your joinery and you improve your craftsmanship and project quality. Let us help you sharpen your skills.

Learn the basics with just a few simple tools for unparallel accuracy.

If your shop isn't perfect, here are some great ideas to make it a woodworking haven.

Expand your routing abilities with these shop-tested procedures and router-bit tidbits.

There's no substitute for working safe in your woodworking shop. We've got numerous tips to keep you off harms way.

The start to a perfect finish is a properly prepared surface.

Whether your ripping at the tablesaw or crosscutting with a mitersaw, these techniques allow you to make the most of your power tools.

A day to learn how, a lifetime to master. We share our shop-tested techiniques to help you grow and hone your turning skills.

Sharpen your skills for more precise woodworking with these basic skills.

Work faster, safer, and more efficiently by mastering your power-tool skills.

Find Woodworking skills, tips and techniques for a beginner woodworker.

Find Woodworking skills, tips and techniques for an intermediate woodworker.

Find Woodworking skills, tips and techniques for an advanced woodworker.

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