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Reader Submitted Shop Tips

A simple wedge can be very persuasive

Sacrificial faceplate saves time for production turning.

Clean clogged nozzles with WD-40.

Crosscut sled with adjustable runners prevents binding in humid conditions.

Get a better grip on your pushsticks with tool-handle coating.

The convenient shop telephone is even more practical with this reader's tip.

Shrink PVC pipe for your ductwork needs

Aligning drawers doesn't have to be a time-consuming process. With this simple technique, we show you how to quickly install perfectly-aligned drawers.

Your brad nailer keeps firing long after the last brad has left. Here's a handy tip to find which hole contains the little bugger.

If you use a wet-wheel grinder but detest the mess of draining the old water, take heart, we have a solution.

Clamp scrap hardwood in place to sandwich the glass next to the score line, then snap it for professional- looking cut glass edges.

Build your own tablesaw sacrificial tabletop for safe cutting.

Here's a great low-tech solution for securing work to your workbench.

Reinforced miter-joints strengthen a weak joint

Dedicated crosscut miter sled for accurate angles.

Use your plunge router for "drilling" holes.

Here's a simple way to create a beaded board look without beading a solid-wood panel with a router.

Build your own board straightening jig with plywood and two trowel handles.

High humidity causing problems in your shop? Create your own rust retardant with cat litter and old nylon stockings.

For accuracy, some tablesaw jigs rely on their miter bar's no-slop fit in the miter slot, and that's sometimes tricky. But it's easy enough to make an adjustable miter bar for a custom fit.

Is your tablesaw blade parallel to your miter-gauge slot? Here's a quick way to find out.

Glass-breaking jig saves trips to the glass store.

Loose cords can be a hassle, but they don't have to be. Untangle your cords with common office supplies.

Bench vise helps support extra-wide projects.

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