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Magazine Changes and Updates

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Issues 151 to current
151 October 2003 57 Tough-Stuff Workbench Update Buying Guide, Cabinets: Can also use 28" full-extension drawer slides no. 02K30.28
151 October 2003 77 Cabinet-Style Tablesaw Delta 36-L31X-U50 $1,750 (see issue 153 page 10)
151 October 2003 84 Dead-on 90 degree crosscut sled Drawing 3: guide bar change to 3/8x1/2x1-1/4 inch; Stopblock change to 3/8 inch dado 1/4 inch deep 7/8 inch from top edge; washer is 1/4 inch flat washer
151 October 2003 85 Tableaw Jigs Buying Guide Update: Hold-down with bolt and knob no. changed to 145831
151 October 2003 92 High-Class Collector's Cabinet Buying Guide: shelf supports part number is G611WPB
151 October 2003 95 Temps in a tube READ important information that comes with the Galileo thermometer before cutting parts Part D: cut length to suit thermometer; Part B: diameter may vary (see issue 153 page 10)
151 October 2003 95 Temps in a tube Buying Guide is no longer available. Refer to for Galileo thermometers of various sizes.
152 November 2003 62 Pocket-Hole Jigs Paragraph: Several jigs are adjustable to increase the spacing for wider workpieces, but only two—the Task Pro Center 06250 and Kreg K2000 (NOT K2)—can go narrower.
152 November 2003 64-65 Pocket-Hole Jigs (chart) The Kreg ProPack includes the Mini, Rocket, and K2000 jigs. Hole spacing on the K2 model is 7/8". Spacing on the K2000 is 9/16, 7/8, and 1 7/16".
152 November 2003 90 Super-Flexible Shop Storage Drawing 9: 5 1/2" measurements between bins should be 4 1/4"; Photo A and caption 4 1/4"-wide spacer; page 91, step 3, 4 1/4"-wide spacers.
See Sounding Board, issue 156, June/July 2004, page 10.
152 November 2003 91 Super-Flexible Shop Storage Hardware update: plastic sliding door track, no. 10007, shelf pins, no. 22773, available from Rockler, 800-279-4441
153 December 2003 52 Slant-Front Secretary Drawing 2: 1 3/16" for placement of centered screws for inside part D should be 1 9/16"
153 December 2003 55 Slant-Front Secretary

Missing dimension: Part N top edge is 10 3/4" on drawing 5. See issue 155, page 12.

153 December 2003 98-99 Cyclone Dust-Collectors Additional information see issue 155, page 12.
153 December 2003 108 Crown-Molding Shelf Note: standard crown molding (38°); miter angle = 31.6; bevel angle = 33.9
153 December 2003 122 Pyramid Point Tool Photo B incorrect, see issue 155, page 12, for correct photo
154 March 2004 55 The Shelf Maker's Complete Guide Adjustable support options: Low-profile shelf standard is shown in photo but not labeled, used with low-profile support labeled as before and after insertion.
154 March 2004 65 Shelf-top weather station Sources: Instruments are no longer available
154 March 2004 93 CD storage Sources, CD Racks: Rockler is no longer sourcing pop-out CD racks no. 35875. No other supplier located.
154 March 2004 96 Cat's Meow Scrollsawn Plaque Exploded View, Drawing 1: 2 3/8" should be 2 3/16". See Sounding Board, issue 156, p. 10.
155 May 2004 37 Easy Glider Drawing 5 Seat Support Cover: part M length should be 15 11/16"
155 May 2004 40 Easy Glider Materials List: part M length should be 15 11/16"
155 May 2004 pattern Easy Glider Pattern for part M length should be 15 11/16"
155  May 2004 51 Torpedo Level Level kit: Price $12.50 plus shipping
155  May 2004 73 Traditional Sideboard Sources Hardware kit for sideboard: Part no. 02K14.17 changed to 02K40.17; Kit no. 05D15.15 is no longer available. Hardware kit for optional center door: Kit no. 05D15.16 is no longer available.
155  May 2004 82 Kid's room ensemble Sources: Cork source is no longer available. For cork go to art and craft supply stores. For 3M Super77 Multipurpose Adhesive go to hardware store and home centers.
155  May 2004 90 Make a splash with a "waterfall" joint Fence should be on the side that is away from direction of blade tilt.
156 June/July 2004 28 Epoxy Goes Mainstream see issue 160, page 12, for glove information
156 June/July 2004 46 Heirloom tall clock Sources: Mechanical clock movement/hardware is no longer available. Quartz clock movement/hardware kit is still available.
156 June/July 2004 53 Drill Press Table Drawing 1: Part E is 6 x 8 3/4"
156 June/July 2004 56 Drill Press Table Sources Hardware Kit: Call for current prices.
156 June/July 2004 79 Benchtop Mortisers  Chart: 200 listed twice on thermometer, temperature shown is correct
156 June/July 2004 87 Four-Jaw Chucks Coming in issue 160 not 159
156 June/July 2004 88 Rugged "n' Ready Tool Storage Tag-along tool tote: plans in issue 158, October 2004
156 June/July 2004 95 Wind Chimes Source, chime kit, is no longer available.
157 September 2004 40 Easy-Lock Featherboard Note: Feather board to be used on tablesaw WITH T-style miter-gauge slot.
157 September 2004 49 Tower Cabinet Drawing 1: H is 15" from top of B. See issue 161, page 12.
157 September 2004 50 Tower Cabinet Step 1: …outside corner of each foot. Adjust your biscuit joiner to cut slots for #0 biscuits in the legs where shown on the patterns and Drawings 8 and 8a. Then adjust the biscuit joiner to center the slots in the legs in the 3/4" thickness of the rails and cut slots where shown on Drawing 8. See issue 161, page 12.
157 September 2004 51 Tower Cabinet Drawing 8a: biscuit slot center is 5/8" from edge not 3/4". See issue 161, page 12.
157 September 2004 52 Tower Cabinet Step 1: Then raise the blade to 1 5/8"; drawing 10: 1/4" groove 1 5/8" deep, centered. See issue 161 p.12.
157 September 2004 57 TV stand/coffee table Drawing 3 and 3a: see change for page 50. See issue 161, page 12.
157 September 2004 68 End Tablet Drawing 3a: see change for page 50. See issue 161, page 12.
157 September 2004 85 Woodworking Glues Heat resistance: All of the joints made with Elmer's Carpenter's Exterior outlasted the wood.
157 September 2004 117 Shop-Proven Products Avenger Products phone number changed to 702/293-7510 (see issue 160, page 10)
159 November 2004 46 Do-It-All Router-Table Fence Buying Guide: Wood kit is no longer available. Material available at home centers.
159 November 2004  51 Salad Bowls Sources Lathe Chuck. Part C3418 upgraded to CUG3418 $79.95
159 November 2004 70 Multi-base router kits See issue 161, page 12: The plunge base of the Porter-Cable plunge router 895PK does come standard with dust collection
159 November 2004 72 Multi-base router kits See issue 161, page 12: Under "Low points," the first point should read "The auto-engaging spindle lock doesn't work with the optional dust shroud…" Note, however, that the spindle lock can be operated manually.
159 November 2004 80 4 must-have jigs from 3 router experts Vertical stock pushstick: 30 degree bevel on handle not 45 degree (see issue 161, page 12)
159 November 2004  89 How to choose a router table See issue 161, pager 12: The model for the MLCS cast-iron router table should read #9593.
160 Dec/Jan
18 Four-Jaw chucks Update: Penn State C3418 is now CUG3418, $79.95. See issue 162, page 8.
160 Dec/Jan
70-74 Shaker Clock Source: Clock kit: Radio-controlled clock movement no longer available. Replaced with quartz clock movement. Order kit no. SK-WAL-Q for walnut or kit no. SK-CH-Q for cherry.
160 Dec/Jan
71, 74 Shaker Clock Source: Spalted maple blank no longer available.
160 Dec/Jan
87 Photo Frames With a planer photo: the 1/2" is from the bottom not to top edge (see Planer Beveling Jig drawing)
160 Dec/Jan
68 Arts & Crafts Dresser Drawing 7: Part LL 8 3/4" from outside edges should be 7 1/4". See issue 163, page 8.
161 Feb/Mar
24 Create Super-Strong Bridle Joints Tall Stock Pushblock: 45° change to 30°. See issue 163, page 8.
161 Feb/Mar
46 Closet Storage System Step 1, caption: Position the base 2 1/4" from back wall.
161 Feb/Mar
71 14.4-volt drills Trustworthy Torque Specs chart: Bosch 32614 is 300; Bosch 33614 is 450. See issue 163, page 8.
162 Apr/May
38 Versa-Cab Drawing 1, part C, 4-1/4" change to 4-1/8" from edge to dadoes
162 Apr/May
39 Mitersaw Work Station Drawing 2, BASE and Materials List: J is 14-3/4 inches not 14 inches; Key 3-1/2 inches is 3-1/4 inches.
162 Apr/May
41 Wall Cabinet Drawing 4: Shelf holes start 7" inches from top not 7-1/4 inches from top of part A.
162 Apr/May
70 Utility Cabinet System Photo E and caption: spacer is 21" long
162 Apr/May
81 Brad Nailers Chart: Porter-Cable BN200A fastener lengths 3/4-2 inches
162 Apr/May
106 Shop-Proven Products Rockler Woodworking and Hardware 800/279-4441
163 Jun/July
30 Shop Tip: Feather boards The feather board's pressure should end just in front of the teeth of the blade. See issue 165, page 8.
163 Jun/July
46 Sliding-door cupboard 5b Corner Block: top notch is 1 3/8" (same as bottom notch). See issue 165, page 8.
163 Jun/July
62 6 ways to beef up a workbench Tool Totes and Case: Front cleat D 1 1/2" from front edge of top (A).
163 Jun/July
70 Bathroom Cabinet Drawing 4 Door: Horizontal bead K 5/16" thick
163 Jun/July
70 Bathroom Cabinet Drawing 4 Door, mirror: Measurement for mirror 1/8x11-7/8x21-1/8"
163 Jun/July
80 Mid-priced tablesaws Rigid TS2400 phone number 800/474-3443
163 Jun/July
81 Mid-priced tablesaws Web site for In-line Industries is
164 September
41 Salt & Pepper Mills For correct full-size cap and base template go to issue 166 page 58
164 September
76 Monster Routers Chart: Smartlift Digital bits can be changed above table with this lift, the chart should show a large bit instead of the X. See issue 166, page 8.
164 September
77 Monster Routers Porter-Cable DOES offer optional below-the-base dust-collection accessories. See issue 166, page 8.
164 September
78 Monster Routers Porter-Cable 7518 and 7539 DOES offer optional below-the-base dust collection accessories. See issue 166, page 8.
164 September
79 Monster Routers Chart: Accessories (11) Optional for Porter-Cable 7518: B,E,G,Q; Porter Cable 7539: B,E,G,K,Q
165 October
50 Compact entertainment center Source: Rockler no longer sources the #8-32x5/8" knob hanger bolts, they are available at hardware stores
165 October
53 Dead-blow mallet Photo B: The piece being routed is held away from the bit (not as shown in photo)
165 October
62 Stop tear-out while drilling, routing, sawing Caption for 1b: Align the chuck with progressively harder taps against its lower portion using a piece of scrap and hammer. See issue 167, page 8.
165 October
68 A gem of a jewelry box Shop Tip photo: Groove only in middle of drawer side (ignore groove shown on edge of side).
165 October
72 Clamp-on Tool Guides Chart: Converter Router Trolley model is sold with a pair of 48" rails. See issue 167, page 8.
165 October
82 4 easy bookcase options Option 4: Van Dyke's Maple is 02036147 and Oak is 02022067
166 November 2005 62 Curio Shelf and Hall Table When using one of the alternate joinery methods, cut the four aprons (B,C) 1 1/2" shorter than specified in the plans. (Cutting off the tenons.) Be sure to cut to length before laying out the arc. All other measurements and steps remain the same. See issue 171, page 8.
166 November 2005 92 Shop-Proven Products: Freud Box Joint Cutter Set (SB0X8) The photos of the 1/4" stack and 3/8" stack blades are reversed.
167 Dec/Jan 2005/2006 32 Shop Tips Source for magnetic base: Woodcraft item no. 128398. Call 800/225-1153 or visit
167 Dec/Jan 2005/2006 85 Photo Display Stand Exploded View: #6-32 machine screw should be 1 1/2" long. See issue 169, page 12.
167 Dec/Jan 2005/2006 86 Photo Display Stand Supplies: #6-32x2" roundhead machine screws. See issue 169, page 12.
167 Dec/Jan 2005/2006 86 Photo Display Stand Step 2: Hacksaw two #6-32x2" roundhead machine screws to 1 1/2" long, removing the heads.
168 Feb/Mar 2006 14 Tool Shop: Jointers Photo, lower left: Labels for infeed and outfeed table are switched. See issue 170, page 10.
168 Feb/Mar 2006 55 4 Tablesaw Jigs Drawing 1, Box-Joint Sled: The width of the blade guard and acrylic on the box-joint sled is 3-1/4" wide to allow for the rotating of the four-arm knobs. The adjusted slot length is 3/4" and location is 3-3/8" from outside edge of fence. See issue 170, page 10.
168 Feb/Mar 2006 57 4 Tablesaw Jigs Drawing 4a: center of pilot hole is 7/8" from left edge, not 1/2" as shown, and centered 1/2" from top edge; lower dimensions are 1/8" and 3/4". See issue 170, page 10.
168 Feb/Mar 2006 58 4 Tablesaw Jigs Drawing 2: missing dimension on Adjustable Stopblock, lower right, is 1/2" from edge.
168 Feb/Mar 2006 67 How to cut tails-first dovetails See issue 169 WOOD Patterns insert for pattern
168 Feb/Mar 2006 73 8" Jointers We tested the Powermatic PJ-882 (no. 1610079), price $1,650. See issue 169, page 12.
168 Feb/Mar 2006 74-75 8" Jointers Chart: We tested the Powermatic PJ-882 (no. 1610079), price $1,650. See issue 169, page 12.
168 Feb/Mar 2006 82 Mantel Clock Part labels D and P on clock face of Exploded View are not needed
169 April/May 2006 58 Planter Box Drawing 2c: Missing dimensions on top edge (right and left side ) are 1" trim to fit during installation; 2" from edge to beginning of curve; 32" for finished length. See issue 172, page 10.
169 April/May 2006 64 Beating the elements See 172, page 10 for update.
170 June/July 2006 86, 88 When good wood goes bad Illustration on page 87 for plainsawn is correct. The illustrations for cupping on pages 86 and 88 show the incorrect grain.
170 June/July 2006 95 Build-A-Gift Contest An entry must fit into a 2x2x3 foot box (61x61x91 cm)
171 September 2006 20 Shop Tips: Steady-as-she-goes biscuit joiner jig Handhold: 1 inchradius not 2 inch radius; 3/4 inch radius not 1-1/2 inch radius
171 September 2006 34 Self-sizing dado guides Accurate Guide is no longer available
171 September 2006 41 Heirloom bookcase Plunge the biscuit slots in the front legs (F) before gluing the side edging (G) to them. Referred to in the following text: Step 4: …plunge a slot in the inside face of each leg at the marked centerline, as shown in Photo H .Step 2: Then glue and clamp an edging piece to the inside face of each front leg (F), flush with the top and back, where shown on Drawings 2 and 2b. See issue 177, page 8.
171 September 2006 62,64 Regal Eagle Source: Pneumatic sanding drum and adapter are no longer available. An oscillating spindle sander or sanding drum on drill press will also work.
172 October 2006 16 Ask WOOD One good turn: Rockler no longer carries the Quik-Crank bandsaw tensioner. Contact Highland Hardware, part no. 086085, 800/241-6748 or
172 October 2006 100 Shop-Proven Products VersaClamp: Mounting brackets are included in the $35 price. Additional brackets can be purchased for $5 per pair. See isue 175, page 12.
172 October 2006 104 Shop-Proven Products Dust Deputy: Contact information missing. Oneida Air Systems, 800/732-4065; See issue 175, page 12.
173 November 2006 13 Fibonacci gauge Source: Locktite should be Loc-Tite
173 November 2006 44 3-in-1 bed for all ages Toddler bed photo: Front legs should have only one hole and bolt, on the inside edge of the leg, not as shown in photo. Instructions are correct.
173 November 2006 51 3-in-1 bed for all ages Assemble the crib, step 1: …connector bolts through the bottom inside holes in the headboard legs (A)….
173 November 2006 54 3-in-1 bed for all ages Source: Hardware Kit. …cross dowels (12) not (8)
173 November 2006 78 Planers Update: DeWalt DW735 price $550
174 Dec/Jan 2006/2007 39 Heirloom corner cabinet Drawing 1b: Counterbore for fastener is on the inside face of parts A,B, K,L,M
174 Dec/Jan 2006/2007 80 Wedged-tenon bench For more on forming the mortises, see page 94 not page 104.
174 Dec/Jan 2006/2007 82 23 tableaw tips, tricks, and techniques See issue 177, page 8. It's okay to use miter gauge and rip fence together when making partial-depth cuts for dadoes, rabbets, or tenons.
174 Dec/Jan 2006/2007 82 23 tableaw tips, tricks, and techniques See issue 177, page 8. Step 1: first attach the temporary hardboard tabletop to the saw's tabletop, then raise the blade through it, then set the distance from the rip fence.
174 Dec/Jan 2006/2007 84 23 tableaw tips, tricks, and techniques Step 9: You'll find plans for this outfeed table at
174 Dec/Jan 2006/2007 85 23 tableaw tips, tricks, and techniques Step 15, update: Taper jig runs in the miter gauge slot.
175 March 2007 50 Give a top a whirl (turned top) Due to back orders until May 2007, an alternate source for top hardware is LeeValley, kit no. 88K81.51 and mandrel no. 88K81.52. LeeValley 800/871-8158 or
175 March 2007 68-71 a cut-above mitersaw platform The galvanized pipe is 1 inch O.D. and 3/4 inch I.D.
176 May 2007 64 Tug-along caterpillar Cut the round segments, photo 2: Caption should read Round segment not Wheel segment
176 May 2007 65 Tug-along caterpillar Form the wheel segments, photo 1: Caption should read Round segment not Wheel segment
176 May 2007 73 Picture frames Drawing 2 Spline-Cutting Sled: 1/8" slot should be 1/2" deep not 3/4" deep
177 July 2007 20 Smart Ways to Store WOOD magazine Drawing for Binder Jig: Base board 10 7/8" goes the length between the 3/4" end pieces.
177 July 2007 39 Table Lamp Photo top right-hand corner: 1/8" diameter should be 1 1/8" diameter
177 July 2007 42 Table Lamp Wiring Detail: Gold-colored wire should wrap clockwise
177 July 2007 45 Trim Routers The bit opening on the Porter-Cable 310 subbase should be 1-3/16", as listed in the chart on page 46.
177 July 2007 46 Trim Routers Grizzly does not offer optional bases for its model H7791 trim router.
177 July 2007 76 Gum Ball Goose Step 5: Sand the tail (B) to 11/16" thick
178 September 2007 44 Heirloom cradle Sources, Mattress: Custom mattress size is 12x28"
178 September 2007 47 Tablesaw Workbench Source: Casters no. 00K21.41, Lee Valley Tools,, 800-871-8158
178 September 2007 48 Tablesaw Workbench Drawing 2: locking swivel caster not double-locking swivel caster
178 September 2007 98 Clamp down on glue-up mistakes Update to Tip #2: You should wipe off glue squeeze-out while it's wet. See issue 181, page 8.
178 September 2007 110 Miter-joint slippage The MLCS Merle band clamp (part #9012, 800-533-9298 or uses a 23" steel band rather than fabric
179 October 2007 13 Shop Tips: Where's that pencil? Safety alert: It's best to avoid using a lanyard with pencils.
179 October 2007 33 Bench-tool System Project Highlights, item 4: Locking casters not dual-locking casters
179 October 2007 35 Bench-tool System Drawing 4: Locking swivel casters not dual-locking swivel caster
179 October 2007 36 Bench-tool System Drawing 5: 4" locking swivel caster not dual-locking swivel caster; Source: Casters, 4" locking swivel plate casters no 00K21.41. Lee Valley Tools,, 800-871-8158.
179 October 2007 58 Plane-fun kid's shelf Photo shows part P reverse of drawings. Part P can be attached either way.
181 December/January
24 Rule-joint
Router Bits
Photo D: Shoulder is 5/32 inch not
3/32 inch
181 December/January
40 Modular Cabinets Source, hardware: Part no. HB28C25 changed to THB0144.
181 December/January 2007/2008 42 General-Purpose Tablesaw Blades Saw blade retest: See issue 183, May 2008, page 44
181 December/January 2007/2008 62 Drop-Leaf Table Sources, hardware: Rockler classic pull-out leaf support no. 29512 discontinued, substitute with metal drop leaf support no. 30006
182 March 2008 17 Shop Tips: Lucy, you've got some splinin' to do Aluminum plate: make as two triangles that meet at the points
182 March 2008 18 3-way mitered half-laps Heading should be Mitered half-laps
182 March 2008 34 A perfect puzzler: Caged dove Drawing 2b Drawer Detail Step 3: Part D 5/16 inch hole is 3/8 inch from back edge; Part C 5/16 hole is 1/2 inch from back edge.
182 March 2008 35 A perfect puzzler: Caged dove Make the drawer,, Step 4: Drawer C, drill a hole centered 1/2 inch from the back edge; Filler D, bore hole centered 3/8 inch from the back edge.
182 March 2008 84 Ribbon clock Photo A: Pattern in photo incorrect, follow pattern on page 56
184 July 2008 10 Sounding Board April 2010, update to brass plaque: cost $7. Coin holder dimensions see issue 185 page 7 and
184 July 2008 16 Shop Tips: Quick-set gauge for honing guide Acrylic is 1/4 inch thick
184 July 2008 44 Scrollsawn Safari puzzle We inadvertently omitted the full-size patterns for the zebra and rhino from the pattern insert. For the patterns go to
184 July 2008 49 Our 20 best router tips and tricks Tip 8: Hole slightly larger than the diameter of the 1/2" cove bit
184 July 2008 69 Keys to Successful Hand-Sanding Sources: Correct Flex-Hand Pad/H&L part number is #FR22150
185 September 2008 38 Showplace Cabinet Source hardware: Change cushioned shelf supports to part no. G708WBN
185 September 2008 72 Contractor-Grade Mobile Crane Drawing 5a: two holes used to attach hoist sides to mast assembly are 3/16 inches
186 October 2008 64-65 Quilt Ladder Hardware, Rockler: barbed threaded insert, no. 32025, is no longer available. Replace with hex drive threaded insert, no. 31872. Ready the rungs, step 2, using the hex drive threaded insert, no. 31872, drill a 3/8" hole 7/8" deep at each center mark for inserts. Change Drawing 2 and 2a holes to 3/8" hole 7/8" deep for hex drive threaded inserts. Ssee issue 189, page 6.
187 November 2008 61 Bow-Front Display Case Materials List, part E: Width should be 3-1/2"
188 December/January 2008/2009 74 Ask WOOD: Splitter or riving knife Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has moved up the date for manufacturers to comply with its tablesaw riving-knife requirement. As a result, all tablesaws manufactured after Jan. 31, 2010 must include a riving knife in order to get UL approval.
189 March 2009 14 Shop Tips: A slick trick for routing perfect hinge mortises The spacer must equal the length of the hinge minus the diameter of the bit, in this case a 1/4" spiral bit.
188 December/January 2008/2009 74 Ask WOOD: Splitter or riving knife Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has moved up the date for manufacturers to comply with its tablesaw riving-knife requirement. As a result, all tablesaws manufactured after Jan. 31, 2010 must include a riving knife in order to get UL approval.
189 March 2009 14 Shop Tips: A slick trick for routing perfect hinge mortises The spacer must equal the length of the hinge minus the diameter of the bit, in this case a 1/4" spiral bit.
189 March 2009 53 Wall Organizer Materials List. Change part F quantity to 1.
191 July 2009 22 Make Router Burn Marks Disappear See related video at
192 September 2009 15 Shop Tips: Multi-tasking tablesaw sled 14 inch dimension on back end of sled should be 10 inches
194 November 2009 32 Blanket Chest Drawing 1 and 1a: width dimension for part A is 16-1/8"
194 November 2009 36 Blanket Chest Materials Lists: width of part A front/back is 16-1/8"
194 November 2009 38 Dovetailing Wide Panels Change: Clamp the test boards to opposite sides of the spacer block, with their outside face facing out, and tight to the underside of the template [Photo A].
194 November 2009 48 Blanket Chest pattern Traditional American Blanket Chest Base Full-Size End Pattern: pattern is too short. Pattern should be 4" not 3-3/4" tall.
195 Dec./Jan. 2009/2010 50 Chip & Dip Tray Templates for success, step 1: Template pieces should be 1/2x11x19"
195 Dec./Jan. 2009/2010 55 11 ways to get the most from your plunge router Mortising/Doweling Jig: the screw holes used to mount the aluminum bars to the wood guides must be countersunk into the bars to sit flush below the surface of the acrylic top. See issue 198, July 2010, page 6, for updated illustration.
196 March 2010 67 Cook up a kitchen makeover in your shop Sources, Clear finish: Old Masters web site changed to
196 March 2010 77 Ask WOOD: The splashy waterfall joint Fence should be on the side that is away from direction of blade tilt.
197 May 2010 22 Add storage to stands Drawing 3: wire pull screw goes through parts J and K; part I width is 10-1/2"
197 May 2010 24 Add storage to stands There is an error in Section 2 of customizing your own stand. For Step B, the difference in our example should be 1-1/4". As a result, the new length in Step D would be 11-3/4". Materials List: Part D width=16-1/2" and length=26-1/2"; Part E width=16-3/4" and length=12"; Part I width=10-1/2".
197 May 2010 54 3-hp tablesaws SawStop High Points: Hose support, mounting hardware, and 1-1/4" hose are an optional kit. These items do not come with the saw.
197 May 2010 74 Media Cabinet Step 1: See the Quick and Easy jig on page 16 not page 18.
198 July 2010 8 Shop Tips Rockler's phone is 800-279-4441
198 July 2010 57 Hall tree storage bench Materials List: Part F lower divider, length is 14" not 14-3/4"
198 July 2010 70 Drill- and router-bit case Cutting Diagram: Part C perforated hardboard is 3/16x24x48"
199 September 2010 66 Dust-catching sanding center More Resources: Reliably Rugged Assembly Table is at
200 October 2010 43 Organize Your Shop in a Weekend Garage dimensions are 14x24'
201 November 2010 32 Drop-Down Battery Dispenser For the updated plan, go to or refer to Sounding Board, issue 205, July 2011, page 6.
201 November 2010 41 Greene & Greene-style Clock Drawing 1, Side Assembly: on part B 1/8" groove 3/8" deep 1/8" from back face; on part C 1/8" groove 1/8" deep, 1/8" from back face
201 November 2010 78 Shop-Proven Products: Colt drill bits Go to Colt Web site ( to find a full list of retailers.
202 Dec/Jan 2010/2011 53 Gumball machine Drawing 1, Exploded View: 3/4" I.D. copper cap. See Sounding Board, issue 205, July 2011, page 6.
202 Dec/Jan 2010/2011 62 Luminous Display Pedestal Wiring update: See Sounding Board issue 202, December/January 2010/2011, page 6.
202 Dec/Jan 2010/2011 79 Ask WOOD: Birdhouse basics More tips for building better birdhouses, see issue 205, July 2011, page 7
203 March 2011 28 Pocket-Hole Jig Organizer & Base Organizer and base was designed to fit a Kreg K3 jig. See Sounding Board, issue 208, November 2011, page 6.
204 May 2011 20 Mitered Half-Laps Drawing 2 Stile Routing Jig: remove mention "Half of frame width." Build the mitered half-lap jig using the width of the frame as the length of fence reach beyond the base, see Sounding Board issue 206, page 8.
204 May 2011 58 Step-by-Step Elegant Chair Drawing 2, Front Leg: 1-5/8 inches of leg width should be 1-7/16 inches
204 May 2011 60 Step-by-Step Elegant Chair Drawing 4, Shoe: Top left-hand measurment of 2-3/4 inches should be 2-1/2 inches
204 May 2011 61 Step-by-Step Elegant Chair Drawing 5, Crest Rail, part D: Bottom left-hand measurement from beginning line to first spoke mortise of 2-3/4 inches should be 2-1/2 inches
205 July 2011 29 Glider Drawing 1, Leg: dimension for carriage bolt location is 11 inches from bottom of Leg (A). See Sounding Board issue 206 page 8.
205 July 2011 46 Scrollsawn Potpourri Box The pattern for the left-most box lid on page 46 was printed too large. To correctly size the pattern, photocopy it at 98% of its original size. Or download a corrected copy of the pattern at
205 July 2011 60 Construction-Grade Tractor/Trailers The patterns for the Construction-Grade Hauler in issue 205 (July 2011) were printed 2% too large in the WOOD Patterns?? insert. To correctly size the patterns, photocopy them at 98% of their original size. Or you can download a PDF file at with correctly sized patterns that you can then print out. Because there are so many variables with individual computers that can affect the size of the printout, we recommend measuring the patterns after you print them to verify they match the indicated dimensions before you begin work.
206 September 2011 12 Safely saw paper-thin veneer Drawing label Hanger bolt should be Zero-clearance insert.
206 September 2011 73 Floating-Top Table Drawing 1 Leg, Drawing 3 Exploded View, and 1a Tenon and Mortise Detail: Mortise on Leg A should be 13/16 inch deep not 15/16 inch deep
207 October 2011 40 Fold-Flat 3-in-1 Workbench Drawing 2: To allow room for the leg levelers, the legs (M) should be 31-3/4 inches long, not 32-3/4 inches.
207 October 2011 41 Fold-Flat 3-in-1 Workbench Drawing 3: Correct dimensions for the taper is 10-3/4 inchs (not 11 inches) and 21 inches (not 21-3/4 inches). Legs (M) length should be 31-3/4 inches, not 32-3/4 inches. See Sounding Board issue 209 page 8.
207 October 2011 42 Fold-Flat 3-in-1 Workbench Materials List: Legs (M) should be 31-3/4 inches, not 32-3/4 inches.
207 October 2011 65 8 ways to make end-to-end joints that hold Update photo caption for upper left-hand corner photo: This spline measures a third the tickness of the pieces to be joined, with the grain running parallel to the spline length.
208 November 2011 36 Media Center Materials List rails (Z) length should be 15-7/8 inches, not 15-1/8 inches.
208 November 2011 66 23-Gauge Pinners Bostitch HP118K fasteners length are 1/2 to 1-3/16
209 Dec/Jan 2011/2012 30 Miter-gauge extension For machining the 5/8" T-slots along the back and top edges of the body/extendable stop, we started by cutting a 3/8" dado 7/16" deep. Then, we used the Rockler T-Slot Cutter router bit (part no. 26099) to rout the slots in the edges of the dadoes. If you don't have such a bit, you could also create each T-slot by cutting a 5/8" dado 7/16" deep and glue two 1/4"-wide strips 1/8" thick in place to create the T-slot in each dado. Change Drawing Body/Extendable Stop T-slot measurements 1/8" to 3/16" and 1/2" to 5/8". See Sounding Board issue 213, page 6.
209 Dec/Jan 2011/2012 55 Box-joint jig Guide length is 11-1/2 inches not 11 inches as shown
210 March 2012 40, 42 Fold-Flat Sheet-Goods Mover An incorrect dimension was printed for the front legs (G) and rear legs (H). Drawing 3 and the Materials List parts G and H should have a length of 34-7/8 inches, not 39 inches.
212 July 2012 3 On our Web site Update: Digital issues of WOOD on iPad, Android tablet, and Nook Color for as little as $2.99 per month.
212 July 2012 28 Easy Swingin' Arbor Update: See Sounding Board issue 213, page 6.
212 July 2012 50 Woodworking Evolved - CNC Machines Wrong photo is shown for the Laguna CNC IQ, the photo is actualy of the Laguna CNC Pro IQ.


Continued on page 5:  Newsstand specials


Comments (24)
klpdaddy wrote:

issue 229 Construction of the Mobile Crane. The boom cylinder is started with a 5/8x3/4x8 blank in step 2. This has to wrong for you can't end up with a finished 8'' cylinder using your directions. The blank should be 12'' long.

1/19/2016 05:04:34 PM Report Abuse
Jesse Garcia wrote:

Issue 238 Culinary Island, it mentions the placement location of the false fronts to the drawers on page 67 in drawing 2, but there are no dimensions for the placement

1/7/2016 04:01:40 PM Report Abuse
lennygg1954 wrote:

I am constructing the loft bed in issue 231. With the dimensions being used on part X "outer stringer" the 6" measurement and the riser are not parallel to one another and I feel they should be. Also the riser does not come out to the 10 1/2" measurement on the bottom riser. This tells me I have something wrong.

3/31/2015 09:47:39 AM Report Abuse
dabrabembarqma wrote:

can I still buy full sized pattern for teddy bear rocking chair, featured in Dec. 1993 issue #66

3/16/2015 10:50:18 AM Report Abuse
nbrossignol wrote:

can i still buy plans for the solar kiln ? June 1994

1/11/2015 08:31:29 AM Report Abuse
scorpio_aq wrote:

Issue 222 November 2013 On the Easy to Build Country Sideboard: Part "D" the high must be 20 3/4 instead of 20 1/2, Part "A" the distance from the top to the first dado must be 11 1/2, this avoid the uneven finish between "B" and "K".

11/10/2013 01:18:56 PM Report Abuse
kjarrett65 wrote:

Didn't see an answer to this particular problem, so I will assume it does not exist. On several of your plans it calls for inserting a 3/4" diameter pipe into a 3/4" diameter hole. the problem arises in that pipe is figured based on the "inside" diameter instead of the outside. In this situation a 3/4" diameter pipe would require a hole diameter of at least 1 1/16" Thank you, Rev. Keith Jarrett

7/15/2013 08:29:45 PM Report Abuse
swallace19431 wrote:

Issue # 218 (May 2013). In the text, para.2, you say, position the rip fence 31/4 inch from the dado blade. However in the illistration, pg. 47 it shows the dado 3 inches in from the end of the board. Which is correct?

5/14/2013 04:42:37 PM Report Abuse
charles hachat wrote:

issue 215 dump truck,location of wheel holes can't be correct.rear dual wheel hole 1 5/8 and 2 1/8 too close.approximately 3 3/4 from end on second hole.

5/8/2013 02:04:25 PM Report Abuse
dickcottrell47 wrote:

I have a June of 1994 Wood Magazine that has an article on 44 regarding building a solar "Kiln" The article offers plans and material list to build the kiln for $9.95. I sent a check and request for plans and material list to the address at wood magazine and my letter came back "undeliverable". Who do I send this to.....? to get a set of plans and material list? dick cottrell

4/3/2013 10:58:24 AM Report Abuse
jerry h. wrote:

Iss. 218,page43,drawing 2,should the rabbets be 1/4/in instead of 3/8?

3/16/2013 09:17:50 PM Report Abuse
Cyberwil2 wrote:

Looking a the Dec/Jan 2012/2013 issue and on page 18 is a Dead-on accurate Shelf-pin jig. The story says to use the drawing at the right to build the jig. No drawing.

2/18/2013 07:59:32 PM Report Abuse
drury.william wrote:

i am looking april 1989 issue page 70 issue 28 it's a acorn bird

12/18/2012 09:56:31 AM Report Abuse
rgross241 wrote:

In Issue 208 the material list does not list part "A" nor any sizes for this part

11/25/2012 02:37:07 PM Report Abuse
bob_trowbridge wrote:

Issue 209 - Box Joint jig I am new a routing. My router will only extend above the table 15/16", with a 1/4" mounting plate. If I use a 3/4" bedplate on the jig, the bit will only extend 3/16" above the plate. I have a 5/16" dia. bit, so the extension needs to be 5/16". Are there longer bits available? Or does my Craftsman router have too short a travel? I am into woodworking on a shoestring budget.

10/21/2012 10:27:20 AM Report Abuse
grzendafarm1 wrote:

Nov 2012 issue: On Page 62, the web site for the hardware kit is correct but they do not offer that kit. Any suggestions as to another site?

10/16/2012 07:40:12 AM Report Abuse
MadMaxH3 wrote:

In issue #213 on page 60 for the "Tic-Tac-Toe Game Set", should the dimensions for "Part D - top/bottom panels" be : 1/4"x 4-5/8"x4-5/8" ?

8/8/2012 07:15:40 PM Report Abuse
sshanman wrote:

I am currently working on the Playtime Express found in Issue #14, page #74 and have a question regarding part "U" the top of the passenger car. The plan calls out a 1/2" beading bit. The part is listed as 1/2" stock. This bit is too large to leave a reveal top and bottom as shown in the photo. Is it supposed to be a 3/8" or 5/16" bit?. If you center a 3/8" bit the piece wants to crawl under the bearing. Thank you, Sam Shanman.

4/21/2012 08:50:36 PM Report Abuse
vernshomes2 wrote:

In issue #209 dec/jan 2011/2012 The carousel music box I made but unite was to unstable that I put a ring lazy suzan in it and made a world of difference on how it looks and works Vernon Johnson Clearwater MN 55320 612 202 5708 VernsHomes@

2/18/2012 12:38:01 PM Report Abuse
lgreen512 wrote:

Thanks for a great project this month(Mar 12)and thanks for the update, but I think there is another misprint. Part "F" how far up or down due you drill the holes(3/8")from the end. You say find the center point and drill 3/8" holes even on the drawinds you do not have the measerments like everything else. Your help is needed-----Thanks

2/16/2012 10:57:13 PM Report Abuse
greyowl8 wrote:

Iżve subscribed to Wood magazine almost from the beginning. How about posting these changes / updates in a downloadable searchable PDF, excel or some such file.

1/1/2012 02:20:39 PM Report Abuse
Rich J. wrote:

I would like to build the crownless shelf from issue197 May/ June 2010, but I am having no luck finding the plyood cap moulding in oak. Anyone have a thought where I might be able to locate this.

7/24/2011 09:49:15 AM Report Abuse
steel_dragon67 wrote:

@ronnmeg you can find assorted candies at your local Cracker Barrel or you can go to hope this helps

1/25/2011 06:59:41 PM Report Abuse
m_saffel wrote:

issue 202 gumball machine, I found that if you put round hard candy instead of gumballs works just as well.

12/29/2010 02:24:06 PM Report Abuse

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